Tuesday 15 May 2018

My hours on FB and steadyaku47 gets longer by the day...and why not? Everyday I "talk" to so many of you. Discuss, debate, disagree on things. Agree on much more. It gives me purpose in life and it gives me sustenance in my search to do more with life. 
I now have a website It is a work in progress. In time all that I do on FB and in steadyaku47 will be gathered within Easy for you to access...easier for me to work on. 
It is a work in progress and at 72, Malcom, who is helping me set this website up must be wondering what he has got himself into...for you see, as I have often confessed, I am not to clever with these sort of things. We Malays have a word for it.."bodoh". So bear with me while I navigate the do and don't's of and while I am doing so, I will continue with FB and my blog work.
Please do go and see what I do

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