Monday 14 May 2018

Tony Fernandes’ Titanic Sank and Insurance Exploded

1 March 2018 - Tony Fernandes and Din Meranun sucked up Najib Razak, named him as 'The Father of Low Cost Air Travel' and was promised that AirAsia will “thrive and succeed beyond our wildest imagination.”

4 May 2018 - AirAsia X said it will be filing a defence to Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s (MAHB) claim that the airline owes it RM34.88 million in outstanding airport charges, rent and late payment charges despite 46.49% revenue growth to RM2.38 billion in the second quarter ended June 30, 2017.

7 May 2018 - Barisan Nasional publicly supported by AirAsia and Tony with “Hebatkan Negaraku” aircraft livery and being featured on BN advertisement, advocating people to vote wisely. National Union of Flight Attendants criticized AirAsia’s action of forcing cabin crew to wear blue-coloured uniform being breached its own standard operating procedures.

8 May 2018 - Tony on a ‘roadtrip’ with Nazir Razak for a day in Selangor. He thought he had hit golden lottery for AirAsia’s sustainability.

9 May 2018 - No signs of Tony on any of his social media account. Tony Fernandes’ BN video and Instagram posts were deleted as of 11:30pm.

10 May 2018 - Mass deletion of comments (more than 500) on his Instagram posts. Social media executive of AirAsia posts a meeting picture at AirAsia’s RedQ with a stressed faces everywhere.

11 May 2018 - Photo of Tony shaking hands with Lim Guang Eng (DAP) shared by AirAsia employee circulates online. Tony deletes all his BN-related posts on Facebook and Instagram. Netizens can't stop bombarding and Tony can't stop deleting!

**Petition to boycott AirAsia and investigation on its finaces -*

Probably assured by Nazir Razak that BN would never lose its crown to be the party to form government, the unexpected victory of the opposition party, Pakatan Harapan in the GE14 has double-slapped Tony Fernandes in the face. He ended up deleting more than 500 comments on his latest post on Instagram and left only the very positive ones which are posted 2 days before GE. 

Has he forgotten that Tun M was the one who made him where he is today? Why is he sucking up the corrupt Najib?

Even during Datuk Ong Tee Keat’s tenure as Minister of Transport, AirAsia has owed MAHB Holding a whopping amount of RM113.1mil from 2002 until March 31 2008! Not even a single cent was paid! Instead, Tony Fernandes thought the rates were way “too high!” and did not agree with the outstanding balance and had asked for a lower rate, so the matter has been forwarded to the Finance Ministry.

Reliable sources confirmed that AirAsia owed Passengers Service Charge (PSC) (formerly known as ‘Airport Tax’) of more than RM50 million to Malaysia Airport Holding Bhd (MAHB).

2010 - AirAsia owed MAHB of about RM120 million in Airport Tax for more than 5 years. After the matter was brought to the attention of the 4th Floor Government in Parliament, AirAsia was compelled to pay the said outstanding airport tax.  Instead of imposing an interest for the outstanding airport tax debt, AirAsia was granted by the 4th Floor Government a huge discount of about 25%.By right the 25% discount should have been passed on to the passengers who have paid for the Airport Tax. In this case, AirAsia benefitted from the said Airport Tax debt! And you didn’t get any reimbursement! 

2011- Ministry of Transport had confirmed that AirAsia had collected from no-show passengers totalling RM6.5 million and AirAsia X RM498,000 and both companies have not handed over the said sum to MAHB and/or returned to no-show passengers”

2018 - AirAsia X Bhd (AAX) said yesterday it will be filing a defence to Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd’s (MAHB) claim that the airline owes it RM34.88 million in outstanding airport charges, rent and late payment charges. AAX said Malaysia Airports (Sepang)’s RM34.88 million claim entails RM33.42 million being outstanding airport charges, RM864,686.70 being outstanding late payment charges for the outstanding airport charges, RM583,746.93 for outstanding rent payment, and RM17,214.69 for outstanding late payment charges in respect of the outstanding rent payment. Oh no! They are still trying to dodge the taxes! “The company’s solicitors are of the opinion that Malaysia Airports (Sepang)’s claim can be legally defended, and further there are sums to be deducted and set off against charges imposed by Malaysia Airports” AAX reports.

Yet, according to The Edge Markets, AirAsia Bhd posted a 46.49% revenue growth to RM2.38 billion in the second quarter ended June 30, 2017 (2QFY17) from RM1.62 billion. What other excuse? How many percent of discount if BN would’ve won?

Right now, the netizens are on fire and condemning the actions previously taken by Tony. Instead of being sheer receptive, he chose to delete the negative comments and left on the nice ones! Terrible shame!

The indirect taxes you paid are credited into their yearly earnings! In just a few hours or a day, we’ll see how Tony swings from BN to Tun M, begging for forgiveness and thanking for the two day stock-market freeze as mental prep before his stocks crash to pit-bottom! The new government needs to make sure they pay 20x of what they owed as punishment!

We, the undersigned, call on the newly formed government of Malaysia to investigate the tax…

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