Tuesday 15 May 2018

Common Sense.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. 8.26 Tuesday 15th May 2018.
It has been a confusing start to this week for me. What is the opposite of Fake News? True News? Real News? News from "reliable" sources? News from TV3, RTM, NST, Utusan or Public Announcements from Government Sources? How come it has been announced that the Fake News legislation is being retained? I am being told to not comment on anything that is happening in K Hell and yet at the same time our friends are asking each other for comments! We are being told that Umno cybertroopers are everywhere creating huru hara to confuse and keep us all on edge by posting misleading information to divide Malaysians against each what are we to believe?
Friends, in the things I do, common sense prevails.
Ask yourself this...what do you think those in Umno this time of defeat and humiliation...are concerned with?
One thing and one thing to get through the day at a time. Survive the day first. The new President of Umno is trying to deal with the realities that now surround him while the past President awaits that knock on his door that tells him that the nightmare he much fears, answering for what he has done in the name of government, becomes a reality.
No one in Umno has time to sebar fake news to create unrest in our nation or to destabilise this PH government.
No one in Umno can think of anything else but how to save themselves from the inquisition that is about to be unleash upon them by this PH government for money politics, corruption and dedak.
Those with money, if they can cabut have already done so or are in the process of trying to do so. Some are trying to cover their dedak tracks and when all avenues to save themselves fails, they wait for that inevitable knock on the door from PDRM requesting their presence at Bukit Aman. And then there are the enterprising ones...the frogs and those who will do deals and turn state anything to secure a "Get out of Jail" card from the authorities or avoid punishment by being contrite and "helpful" to investigators looking into the affairs of this past BN government.
All this is happening now even as we speak.
So any news that comes your way, any information, any bisek bisek from friends and informants....take it all with a bit of salt and use your common sense to figure out what is true and what are lies.
Second day into the week and Tun is doing his "thing" the way we have expected him to do. Have faith in him. Trust Tun. I do not think he will abuse the trust we have placed in him. ....and learn to trust in your instincts more then in others. We must learn to think for ourselves now.....this new PH government we have put into office will allow us to do so. Start today.

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