Wednesday 16 May 2018

Sean ZX : Clean up right to the bloody core and put away all those who are guilty!!

I would go for winning the common Malaysian over first. And the only way to achieve that is by cleaning up the house. 
From politicians to crooked businessmen, cops, military and government servants. Clean up the illegal enteprises from fcuk joints, gambling dens, drug pushers, gangsters etc. 
Clean up the streets of these scumbags and parasites. Have check and balances in the police force, JAKIM and military. 
Rein in the SB and Military Intelligence and put them on the right track on a short leash so they don't behave like Napoleons. 
Protect whistle blowers and reward them for the risk they take. 
Form a Committee to oversee legal gambling which includes casinos, 4d numbers, lottery, club slot machines. 
The PATI and foreign workees issue must be addressed ASAP. 
If me an idiot, can think of these and a thousand more courses of action I am sure the government can see the problem too. There must be a strong will in the present government to change things around swiftly. And this must be done without fear or favour of anyone including the royals. 
My message is simple, clean up every shit you see. Dont wait. If you do this you will get back not just the Rakyats' confidence but also their backing. Do not let mistakes pass you by. These are the golden words from me to Tun M and his knights! Clean up right to the bloody core and put away all those who are guilty!!

steadyaku47 comment : setuju !!!

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