Saturday 12 May 2018

PH reality .....

Current situation demands 2 immediate actions:
1) organise & mobilise the political & govt machinery to remedy the damages to the country. This massive & takes time inspite the 100 days delivery promises.
2) choppng off & replacing the people that has done wrong. This is also massive & need to follow procedures - thus time consuming which is again challenging.

At his age, TunM cannot really focus on this job. So he has to rely on a team. & he not known to be a developer & builder of management team - mostly rely on trial & error over a very long long period - definitely not in 4-5 yrs.
Thus a witch hunt will only be a gimmick to 
1) maintain popularity
2) satisfy the massive angry crowd supporting him.

The test is time related now. Being trained 40 yrs ago as a doctor will also be his disadvange.
Doctors solve medical problem by prescribing medicines, surgery, etc to solve problems immediately.

You all being the young will stand now as the jury to this scenario.

with thanks to KEM

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