Sunday 13 May 2018

Anwar ibrahim will be out of Sungai Buloh soon. Hopefully he will do things differently this time around...if he does not...tiada maaf bagi mu!

For the past many months, except for my piece on Clare Rewcastle, I have not done, said or written anything that could, in any way, rock the Pakatan Harapan boat as it took it sometimes shaky, perlious and hazardous journey towards Putrajaya. That journey has now been completed....safely and successfully....and let me tell you now that that journey was made possible because of these three descending order of importance....Tun Dr Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim.....and of course many others....though some of you may disagree. Let us for now, agree to disagree.

And now for Tun Dr Mahathir and PH...cakap mesti serupa bikin.

Let me first address the Elephant in the room for most Malays....Lim Guan Eng as Finance Minister. Why? Is there no Malay able to be Finance Minister? Why give a Chinese that most critical of all Ministries in a PH government? 

Simple answer....The Minister of Finance must no longer be what Umno and the Malays have taken it to be....the road to much wealth and political hegemony for the Minister and his cronies. The Minister of Finance works for King, Country and all Malaysians. Lim Guan Eng will do that and more !!!

Now arises the question of PKR and its place in PH. The first shot has been fired by Rafizi Ramli yesterday by his comments of the announcement by Tun of the recent Ministerial appointments : 

"The decision was made without our participation. He bulldozed it... the due process of discussions was not done....As far as we are concerned, the discussions have to take place"

And believe you me, Rafizi does not do anything that Azizah will disagree to. Or for that matter nor will Anwar Ibrahim. In short you can take it from me, no matter what denial will come from Rafizi, Azizah or Anwar...what Rafizi said yesterday about PH  making those decision without consultation with PKR, is PKR's stand on the recent Ministerial appointment announced by Tun yesterday.

So how?

Is Tun or PH already making important decision unilaterally without PKR's approval? Or was PH party to these agreements and then making their opposition to it known publicly? Why? Why not disagree with Tun/PH during the decision making process...why now?

You will all have your take on this situation based on your own druthers ....and you are entitled to have your say. I only have this to say to Azizah,  Anwar and PKR. Anwar you have already had the gourmet in your mouth twice before but you were unable to swallow. Why? This will be the third time that you may be PM.....courtesy of Tun, DAP and the not mess it up again !!!

As for Rafizi...THINK ...of the consequences before you open your mouth. Yes we know what you have done with INVOKE, Yes we know you are smart and have worked tirelessly for PH....but even people like me have our limits in putting up with what we think is unacceptable at a time when we need EVERYONE who is for PH to back decisions made for the good of our country. 

It was not easy for me to write what i have just wrote... but those things need to be said. 

I am glad that my friend, saudara Anwar ibrahim, will be out of Sungai Buloh soon. Hopefully he will do things differently this time around...if he does not...tiada maaf bagi mu!

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