Saturday 12 May 2018

The wit of Tun M"s

”what it means for Malaysia, after 61 years, to finally have a change of government”. He joked “ *I don’t know, we haven’t done this before* ”. 

“So tun M i heard that current agung dont like you, is it true?”
“ *Ive never heard abt agung not liking me, its all abt government, not abt i like you, i love you* ” 

Tun M cutely shrugged his shoulders. “ *My face is no longer haram. You don't have to tear off my face* .”

Tun M said bullshit on TV. "The Attorney General claims that he is advising the government. Bullshit".

Crowd : HIDUP TUN!
Tun M : *Yes yes I’m still alive*

The reporter ask Tun M about ex-PM Dato Najib.
And he answer calmly.
" *We are not seeking revenge. We want to restore the rule of law* "

Someone asking Tun M about rolling back the GST, And his answer is:
' *Its not a rolling back. Its cancellation* '

A reporter asked Tun M about how long PH will take to implement it's GE promises.
" *Everything takes time. Even answering you takes time* ." - Tun M replied.

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