Friday 27 July 2012

Dear Lord.....Why NAJIB?

This nation stands divided! Divided not by religion, not by race not by any ideological difference that pits families against families. This nation stands divided because only when this nation is divided does UMNO think they have any hope in hell to hang on to power! Only when the nation is in turmoil and hostilities break out between its own people can UMNO use that as a reason to execute its long awaited plan to seize power. Power that it cannot obtain through the polls, not through any no other means but only through deceit and deception!

What manner of politics is this? Do our leaders not think of anything else but their vested interest? Do our leaders care for nothing else but power and position? Or are they so enamoured with being in power for the past half century that the thought of being out of power and having their follies and foibles put into the public domain scares the hell out of them?

And because they are scared they are prepared to have us all be at each other throats! Another May 13th! Another racial riots that will see the Army out in the streets taking pot shots at our people in the name of keeping Law and Order! Law and Order that should have been kept by any responsible government except this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government!

And the most desperate of these people is our Prime Minister – Najib Tun Razak himself. He knows he has his Deputy breathing down his neck to move into Seri Perdana even before any general election is called. He knows that Mahathir is also pulling the carpet from under his feet even as he grovels at Mahathir’s feet to ask for help! And nobody in UMNO wants to back a loser…and that is who Najib is…A LOSER!

And this LOSER wants to take us all with him as he faces his Waterloo. It is not enough that he has recklessly been spending our nations wealth in so many desperate ventures to buy votes from anybody who will take OUR money that he is dishing out. Today it is the Civil Servants that will get some more of OUR money! Who is next? All the Mat Rempits and Mat Spanners? The Jinjang Joes? Damm!

How do we tell this idiot to stop spending OUR money for his vested interest? Do not expect anybody in UMNO to stop him. They are giving him enough rope to hang himself. Muhyiddin and Mahathir are all urging this idiot to go hang himself…and it would be comical to see him do that except that he might take all of us with him!

I know that the Good Lord does not do anything without a purpose and a reason but Dear Lord I do question why you sent this Najib Tun Razak to Malaysia! Why must you test our patience in your wisdom by sending this kind of Prime Minister to us?

We hope it is to tell us that we must be more careful in choosing leaders at this 13th general election! We hope it is to tell us to be more careful also in choosing a leader who has a wife who understands her responsibility as the wife of our Prime Minister! If that is your reason Oh Lord, then the lesson is learnt. So please all you good people out there…think before you decide who will be our leader this time around. Amen! 


  1. We all get confused when it comes to religion. It is like looking for a black cat in a dark room that is not there. But this does not mean that we have to cynical about God. That is whh the US has " In God We Trust" on their currency notes.No mention of religion.

    We all have to be God fearing men and understand that we cannot take our illgotten gains with us us when we finally go. This may rduce man's greed.

  2. you're praying to the wrong GOD!