Wednesday 11 July 2012


One of the greatest gift GOD can give you is the ability to see yourself as others see you! If you can do that then you are truly blessed. No one will have reason to call you arrogant, deceitful or too full of yourself because having that gift will surely make you not want to do anything that could make others think lowly of you. Imagine if Mahathir had that gift! 

Methinks Mahathir makes too much of this Mahathirism that he says conjures something fearful in the minds of Kit Siang. 

Mahathir mistakes contempt and disgust for fear! 

Contempt and disgust for what the BN government and  UMNO has become after 22 years of Mahathir’s misrule. Yes you read it right there – MISRULE!

Misrule : unjust or inefficient government of a people.

Mahathirism is just a polite way of Kit Siang telling Mahathir that the BN government and UMNO under Mahathir was and still is corrupt and totally infested with money politics and the arrogance of a leader that should have known better! It stoked racial fears and went against many decades of Nation Building! And that was why Pak Lah tried to change UMNO and the BN Government for the better. Pak lah tried but failed miserably because the adverse culture ingrained into UMNO and the Barisan Nasional government by Mahathir will take more then Pak Lah to change it.

TUN you had to resign because you lost face when Pak Lah aborted the crooked bridge project. The main contractor for that project had already “invested” (at your request!) in the F1 Power Boat racing some years back and in a number of other UMNO “needs” and now needed that crooked bridge contract to recoup his “investments” plus “interest”. So when you could not deliver the crooked bridge contract to him – you lost face – got very annoyed and in a pique – resigned from UMNO! Come on lah TUN you are very good for calling a spade a spade –so how come you are hedging in this one?

Can anybody say anything good about Nazism – the philosophy of the German National Socialist Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler with its belief in the inherent superiority of a supposed Aryan race? I can’t! Nor can I say anything good about Mahathirism.

Central to the belief of this so called Mahathirism is Mahathir's insistence that he is the fountain from where all wisdom, knowledge and what is good for our country, our people and our future springs from.  What a small man this Mahathir is to try and make something out of this Mahathirism. A bigger man would have just dismissed it and not mentioned it to anybody – what more write about it. He must secretly be hoping that someone will write a book about Mahathirism! And I think there is already someone doing so…if Mahathir will pay him to do so!

What can anybody write about Mahathirism? There should at least be chapters on the following:

“Perwaja a shining example of a politically conceived, commercially questionable and poorly executed enterprise that predictably failed" RM15 billion or more that the company consumed was ripped off in various rackets and ruses!

The one –sided-crony-only- award-kept –under-OSA-IPP agreement.
Malaysians pay for the mistake or the imbalanced deals by EPU that is against national interest because it benefited the few IPPs at the expense of 27 million Malaysians.
The Proton debacle.                                                       Established under the direction of MahathirBy 1988 Proton, with a model lineup of one, had overtaken all other makes and models and grabbed 73% of the Malaysian passenger car market but the reality of being unable to have the scale and technological expertise to be a viable world manufacturer of cars on its own means that this is an ill conceived undertaking that has costs our nation dearly.

Kerala –where it all began.

DPM’s I have known…and sacked!
Tun do not flatter yourself that the 22 years of your misrule is one that history will judge kindly. You can say that UMNO has lost its two third majority in parliament because of your going. You can say that it was Pak Lah, not you, that lost five states to Pakatan Rakyat in the 12th general election! You can say that had you still been around there would not be a Pakatan Rakyat capable of putting the fear of GOD into UMNO’s camp! You can say all this and maybe much more but this you cannot deny Tun – the proof of the pie is in its eating!

All that UMNO has become today, all that Barisan Nasional has descended into today and all the ills and evil that cripples the development of our country and its people can be traced back directly to your 22 years of misrule as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

If after 22 years and three DPM’s you are still unable to appoint a successor that is capable of taking UMNO to greater heights instead of to its worst defeat – then TUN you are to be blame!

If after 22 years of your leadership within UMNO and Barisan Nasional they still lose five states to the opposition during the 12th general election then TUN you are to be blame.

If after 22 years of total control over all things Malaysian the Malays, whom you profess to champion under your Ketuanan Melayu policies, are still without the ability to stand on par with the other races in anything and everything that matters in life – then TUN it is not the Malays that are to be blame – TUN it is you!

You were the architect of all that is wrong with our country and our people today. This is what Kit Siang is talking about when he said he is going to fight Mahathirism if it ever raises its ugly head again anywhere in this country of ours because you have done enough harm to our way of life and to our expectations and aspirations for what we had hoped our future would and could have been.

As I have said in the beginning.....if only GOD would have given you the gift of seeing yourself as others see you then maybe you would understand the anger we all feel when we think of what you have done to this country of ours in your 22 years of despotic and imperialistic misrule.

Not only Kit Siang but there will be many others who will fight Mahathirism in any form anywhere it rears its ugly head. It is time you understand that Kit Siang and we do not fear Mahathirism. We treat this so called Mahathirism with contempt and disgust for what it has done to our way of life, our people, our culture and our shattered expectations of having leaders who are decent, responsible, and accountable. And you TUN, you alone did this to us. Now do you think we fear Mahathirisam? 

No TUN we do not fear Mahathrism – as they say…if it looks like s%@t, smells like s@%t, taste like s@#t…then it must be s@#@t! And that TUN is what Mahathrism is! S@#T!

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