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Jaya Negara ~ Tragic case of a religiously delusional blogger
Its been two days now since the tragic death of 47 year old Khalil Afandi @ blogger Jaya Negara who turned into 'John Rambo' at the Prime Minister's Office complex at Putrajaya on the afternoon of the 9th of July, 2012! 

Dead blogger Khalil Afandi @ Jaya Negara
Its now commonplace to see some bloggers get into trouble almost daily due to their succumbing to some kind of narcissistic trip swelling their egos and short-circuiting their commonsense, driving themselves crazy and delusional resulting in getting arrested for their diarrhea of the lip online!

For the first time ever, one such blogger has now succeeded in getting himself  killed by the police for rampaging with a dangerous weapon and endangering the lives of the policemen stationed there at the nation's administrative capital building!

Such is the deadly consequence of getting too big for one's breeches so to speak that the late Khalil Afandi was so full of himself that he was able to  draw the attention of an ardent follower of his blog and writings to join him in his suicidal mission to takeover power by the sword!

The fact that she's someone else's wife and supposedly an educated person simply add's salt to the wound where she too ended up being seriously  injured by a bullet shot to her thigh in their mad intrusion at the PM's Office Complex entrance area!

There's a new twist to the tragic tale!

The ensuing tragedy has now been captured for posterity by our nation's media and surprisingly enough by a pro-Opposition blogger by the moniker of 'Milo Suam' who managed to record a video of the tragedy and fatal shooting of the deranged now dead blogger!

Blogger Milo Suam

How did Blogger Milo Suam who was idolized by the now dead 'Jaya Negara' blogger happen to be at the area at the same time and moment that the chaos ensued?

That is the question that many are now asking? What is the connection between the dead blogger and Blogger Milo Suam? It can't simply be passed off as co-incidental because this Milo Suam character comes across as having prior knowledge of the plans by blogger Jaya Negara to wreak havoc there at the entrance to the PM's Office Complex! 

It can't also be just a fluke that he was there at the right opportune moment to capture the shooting and aftermath on video and within a short space of time upload it to You Tube!

The Royal Malaysian Police ought not waste any time in investigating these 'circumstantial' on the spot recording capturing the moments of the botched intrusion by the deranged blogger and his accomplices.

Odd thing though, for someone who is said to be connected to the now dead blogger, Blogger Milo Suam has not wasted anytime in continuing to character assassinate Allahyarham Khalil Afandi @ Blogger Jaya Negara as proven in his latest lambasting of the delusional now dead intruder! Read here. Something's just not right. Getting weirder by the day.

If it is true that Blogger Milo Suam has prior knowledge to the planned intrusion and rampage by the sword wielding now killed blogger and had connections to the late blogger, how come he is not sparing the dead blogger from his attacks on the dead blogger's reputation?

I have read through the dead blogger's writings from his now blocked blog and found them to be a 'witch's brew of fact, fiction, gossip and delusion all jumbled up together and passed off as religious drivel fueled by a hero worshiping housewife enraptured by the obviously self praising chap into carrying out their crazy adventure over there at Putrajaya!

Photo showing housewife Muhdalina @ Dadha holding up the seriously wounded blogger

Emergency medical personnel attending to the blogger who was shot at his arm and groin area by the police
after he failed to obey their instructions to surrender and give up his weapons! I for one support the police action and call for tighter security at the PM's Office Complex and all other ministries located there.

If we go through what the late blogger Jaya Negara was ranting and raving about in his blog, we can come to conclude that:

He was neither here nor there as far as being pro PAS or whatever other Opposition or BN coalition party. 
He equally lambasted Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Prof Dato Dr Harun Din, former Mufti of Johor Dato Nooh Gadut, Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria,etc.
He was obviously angry at the manner by which some of the Malay Sultans were not living up to their tasks and roles as the Keepers of Islam over their respective states and the nation. He had blasted the Sultan of Selangor for the monarch's said scandalous affair with a local actress Kavitha Sidhu which has been in the gossip circuits for many years before.
As far as his religious convictions are concerned, he can be said to be pluralistic in his views lumping together all faiths and beliefs as one. He also came across as one who was absorbed in the mysticism and paranormal side of things and was an ardent follower of such similarly inclined bloggers. Click onto the screenshot below to view it better.


It is true that you are what you read? If you just swallow hook, line and sinker all that is being dished out by those with their own dementia or illusions about what this life is and what it is said to be not, chances are that if one does not have a solid bedrock of faith based upon the Truth of Al Islam and its fundamental princples of At-Tawheed, one might just end up as another delusional, deviant, suicidal chap as what blogger Jaya Negara has ended up as?

This is not badmouthing the now dead blogger or what but simply a heart felt view of all that led him to die at the hands of our nation's police force guarding the country's administrative capital.

No one should blame the police for what they did. It is their duty to take or use lethal force in safeguarding the lives of all those who were and are working at our PM's Office complex and all other government ministries and agencies over there in Putrajaya and all over the nation.

Those who continue to smear the good name of the police are sick demented blabbering cowards who do not know the difference between the Hak and the Batil! The ones who are righteous and those who are in error. 

The PDRM are empowered by the laws of this land to protect and preserve the safety and lives of all those who are under their authority and care. They are obligated to using whatever force it takes to ensure that no one gets away with committing murder, cause injury and damage or destruction to our country's citizens. 

The Royal Malaysian Police are held bound to their oaths of being prepared to lay down their own life's in order to protect and safeguard the well being of our country's citizens and those who are our nation's rulers and administrators. 

Anyone who says otherwise can go take a flying leap into your nearest chosen sewers or rivers! I stand by and support the PDRM's action in taking out the armed with a deadly weapon and dangerous intruder!

We need to be clear as to where we stand as being socio-political or religious bloggers? We can't simply publish anything to the public realm online and expect no repercussions from any untruths or unfounded ill researched gibberish put forth as truthful articles!

We who are bloggers need to really do our in depth studies and research based upon facts and not fiction or delusions borne out of one's own screwed up dementia! Research, research and more continuous endless research!

I will follow up as to the dead blogger's works and share my views as to what I find acceptable or utterly ridiculous that the reading public should be on the lookout for and avoid taking such writings as the 'gospel truth' so to speak!

Insya Allah.

In the meantime, let's offer a prayer to the now deceased poor soul of Arwah Khalil Afandi @ Blogger Jaya Negara.

Al Fatihah!


  1. Food for thought: Tun Kutty is capable of engineering all manner of little crisis to justify bringing back the ISA.

  2. Though deluded, this guy was relatively OK comapared to the deadly and rapacious leaders we have.

  3. Please go to Mathaba News. Q. being asked: How did he die? He was shot in the "leg and groin area" So his heart and lungs must be there? Where is he buried? How come no family members at the funeral? No pictures of cars damaged by his "rampaging"? Where is the woman now? How come nobody nows anything about her? The "blood" on the woman's leg? Is it real?
    The newspapers and you are repeating the police story. ANd the story is full of holes!