Tuesday 10 July 2012


What will Najib not do to survive politically? It is just 7.46 a.m. and already I came across this in FMT!

Last month, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak announced the Bantuan Tayar 1Malaysia (BT1M) programme in order to provide assistance to taxi drivers.
Under the programme, taxi drivers would get a voucher worth RM520 to change their car tyres at selected tyre retailers in the country.

And FMT tells us that retailers are already making their money at the expense of the taxi drivers! If this idiot of a Prime Minister had just thought this scheme through he would have been able to work out that this would have happened! Or at the least surely his advisers should have worked that out!

But before we even go into that:  What the f#@k is this Prime Minister of ours thinking when he uses our bloody money to give these tyre vouchers to help taxi drivers pay for their tyres???? Where will it end??? Provide Condoms for patron of the Massage Parlours in Bukit Bintang so that Najib can kill three birds with one stone:

·      Ensure the girls are safe from STD.
·      Ensure Customers are safe from STD.
·      Help Condom manufacturers make a bit more money? 

And while he is at it why not (as one smart aleck suggests) provide BANTUAN GORENG PISANG VOUCHER? As from July 2012 all goring pisang sellers are entitled to these vouchers that allows them to purchase cooking oil at a heavily discounted price from any Supermarkets anywhere in Malaysia! Just imagine the amount of votes it will bring in:

·      All Goreng Pisang sellers will now vote BN.
·      All Cooking Oil manufacturers will vote BN.
·      All Supermarket owners will vote BN.
·      All Banana growers will vote BN.

Is there no end to the stupidity of this Prime Minister of ours? We know that in the cold crystal clearness of facing certain defeat either at the hands of the electorates or at the hands of UMNO/Muhyiddin (when he fails to get the two thirds majority in Parliament), his mind starts to wander incoherently into the realms “BANTUAN TAYAR 1 MALAYSIA (BT1M) AND BANTUAN GORENG PISANG VOUCHER 1 MALAYSIA (BGP1M) and God knows what else!

I guess desperate people do desperate things! Give the man enough rope and he will hang himself...or maybe ask Rosmah to do it for us and we save ourselves a bit of rope! ABU!


  1. What about the nasi lemak , roti canal sellers and mat rempits free petrol

  2. If our 1Malaysia PM go for the bantuan goreng pisang then surely he had gone Bananas! And our country has gone to the dogs or has it not already?

  3. Ah.... that's a fantastic idea! Goreng pisang baucher!

  4. Ah.... that's a fantastic idea! Goreng pisang baucher!