Friday 13 July 2012


The Syariah Court have sent a notification of the date of mention as 7th August 2012 i.e. they have agreed to JAWI's request to bring it forward purportedly for the purpose of "memberi klarifikasi kepada pihak media dan blogger". 

The early trial date will not only circumvent the hearing of the Stay application which the Civil High Court has fixed on 30/7 but also the JR hearing on 5/9. 

The Syariah Court it would appears, is taking part in this blatant victimisation and oppression of Nik Raina. 

All it would have taken is a simple magnanimous act of compassion. They don't even have to admit to being wrong, just take a decision to drop the case; all Borders wants is for their staff to not be charged for a criminal act....but that seems impossible for The powers that be to do! 

Attached is the letter from the Syariah Court.

If what JAWI and the Syariah Court wants is a media circus - then why not we oblige!!!!!!! 

Stupid is as stupid does!

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