Tuesday 17 July 2012


The children from the kampongs, after a decent education at ITM, the University or abroad, seldom return to the kampongs except for the fruits seasons, Hari Raya, weddings, or funerals. This one- way traffic away from the kampongs invariable leaves an aged, uneducated and sterile rural population that becomes dependent on UMNO for its survival.  

And for UMNO therein lays another opportunity to defraud the most vulnerable of the Malays - the uneducated and the aged who are without the means to earn a decent living except through handouts from this UMNO led BN government. And so begins the rural conspiracy that has now seen itself peaked with the mother of all conspiracy: The listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad! A global event no less, but for what purpose? But I am ahead of myself here…let us go back a bit.

Rubber, rice, oil palms, fisheries are all now in the hands of this BN government to decide and do what they will with it. These are monopolies that serve the vested interest of the corporations and individuals that controls them. To all intents and purposes these monopolies are run for the financial gains of these corporations and individuals – not for the common good of the rural population, not for our nation not for the common good of our people.

Has this been good for the rural Malays?

Since when has monopolies been good for the down trodden? They allow for no bargains, do not concern themselves with quality as we have no alternative to what they offer and they are certainly indifferent to the welfare and conditions, not to say the income, of those that work for them.

Today these monopolies have total control over all that was once the backbone of the rural population means to an income. How did this happen?

The rural population has no meaningful representation in Parliament. Felda has an ex-felon as its Chairman and Risda a pedophile or a rapist (chose what you will!). These massive corporations are now an extension of UMNO political purpose – to create rural vote bank, to use the financial reserves and income generated by these corporation for UMNO’s political benefit and too enrich UMNO’s and BN’s political elites and their cronies through outright theft and plunder and/or from the ‘business opportunities’ inherent in these corporation.

All that is required to ‘assist’ this plundering – from the government machinery, politics and high government officials supposed to police and manage these corporations for the benefit of the common good of these rural people and the rakyat – all of them collude and conspire to advance UMNO’s agenda as it also benefits them on a personal level.

What is to be done? Nothing much as those who profit from these plundering will never legislate themselves out of power, out of control of the government and out of these corporations.

And so while the rural population continues to despair and decay the UMNO elites continue to prosper. We watch this decay unfold without the ability to do anything about it as the rural population continues to disintegrates to the advantage of UMNO.

This is what happens when Malay leaders fails. Fails to understand that they have a duty of care towards the rural population that has given them the mandate to govern our nation from Merdeka. Fail to understand that any conspiracy to defraud the rural population will eventually ensure their own demise because while UMNO will have short term financial gain, the long term loss of electoral support that will surely come as the rural population stagnates and then disintegrate will manifest itself at the polls sooner if not later. And later has finally come as this 13th general election will surely confirm!

God help UMNO for the people of this Nation will surely not!

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  1. That's why I don't understand why BN decided to harakiri themselves by committing to FGVH.
    Previously the rural people didn't really know how bad the government was.
    Now, with the Felda settlers' future at stake, once FGVH ends belly up, they will see with their own eyes what bad administrators they have had for the past 30 years.