Friday 14 December 2012


Isabel and Sofie
I am 65 years old. In most things that concern me I am set in my ways. I will not tolerate fools that seek to take advantage of my good nature. I will not put myself at the beck and call of anyone for financial gain (unless they are being very, very generous!) because what I have today, little as it may be, is enough for my needs. Though blogging is ‘work’ to me it is work I willingly do because it is a labour of love. Without conditions my family comes first.

And yet on things Malaysian I find myself on shifting sands of uncertainties questioning and second guessing the possible permutations of why decisions were made by our politician and more worrying, when these decisions will be changed to suit prevailing circumstances. There are no more constant in our politics.

Consider the present lineout within Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional. Frogs everywhere! Turncoats abounds. Traitors in every nook and cranny! Enemies are now friends and friends are now enemies! The whole political scenarios is  a mass of contradictions, changing alliances and endless possibilities that will enable anyone to justify his or her support for or against any political convictions if he or she so chooses.

For us bloggers we are like children in a candy shop. What shall we do today? So many things to write about and so little time to do so and yet we must write about something!

For now I can only write about myself and what I do.

For the past few months I have made the conscious decisions to do not much work on my blog – in fact no work at all if I am to be honest with myself.

I do so because I choose to adjust to the changing fortunes of the life I have with my wife. As some of you know she was diagnosed with dementia in the first quarter of this year and since than, for my son, and me it has been a matter of managing that change. Thankfully we are now settled in our ways and all is well. For those of you who know dementia you will appreciate the reality that all life now revolves around the one with dementia. If he or she has loved ones that cares enough to make the necessary adjustments than he or she is blessed. If not he or she will not know any better. With pride and love I will tell you all that my wife is blessed… parts because of me but in reality because our son puts his mother before all else. In that not only is my wife blessed…so am I.                   

And now to matters more mundane.

I have my IBook working again. I have organized my niche in my bedroom where I can do work on my blog uninterrupted by the hum and din of life when I chose to do so.  To all intent and purposes, by your leave and indulgence, I want to address myself to the task of getting this blog of mine -  steadyaku47 – living again. Despite being 64 and set in my ways these few lines that my daughter posted on her Facebook recently have given me the ‘kick’ I needed to restart my ‘writer’s block!’…so for that Terrina, I am thankful.    

“The illiterate amongst us of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” #Toffler


  1. Good Morning Bro...

    WELCOME back.

    Good things will be on your way for your honesty and kindness to your family.

    ALLAH will always bless you and your family and guide you to a more happier life.

    Have a wonderful day....

  2. Alhamdulillah..I, too, am very tired of the political scenario in this country perhaps because I've read a lot and listen a lot too. Now, I'd rather stay at the sideline. The world is a deception. I do not want to be fooled by it anymore.