Sunday 23 December 2012


I do not agree with Tunku A Aziz who says that not electing a single Malay to its CEC is a sign of the chauvinism in the DAP party.

Chauvinism: an extreme and unreasoning partisanship on behalf of any group to which one belongs, especially when the partisanship includes malice and hatred towards rival groups.

I believe what the Chinese feel about their own race is no different from what the Malays or any other race feel about their own race.

Tunku, you and I (and I put myself in your company only for the purpose of this argument and not a moment longer!) are educated. You more so than me. Education gives us the discipline and ability to celebrate if not to tolerate diversity but only if we allow ourselves to be so inclined. In spite of our education we still need to keep reminding ourselves to be so inclined by our deeds and our actions because our natural inclinations as human beings is to be clannish and to favour own kind ahead of others – our own family before all else.

Racial intolerance is always boiling under our skin and waits only for an opportunity to rear its ugly head and make havoc of our fragile convictions to coexist with those who are different from us. But we must still try.

This you can see in yourself. You joined DAP in August of 2008 because you were then ‘satu hati’ with the values and ideals of the party. By May 2012 there were already “irreconcilable differences” necessitating your resignation. How so Tunku? And today you are at the forefront of those who seek to paint DAP into what it is not – a chauvinistic political party. Tunku did they not tell you that people who lives in glasshouse should not throw stones?

You choose to join DAP. 

You accepted their offer to be national vice president. 

You accepted an appointment as Senator  ….nobody twisted your arms or put a gun to your head when all this happened. And now this? Tak ada standard lah Tunku! Surely there must be some commonsense gained from your past that tells you it is wrong to do what you are now doing to a party that had once accepted you as one of its own. If you tell me that DAP had taken advantage of your good nature by enticing you to join DAP and then used you for their own political purpose - then Tunku it is you who is to be blamed for being gullible enough to allow them to do so. Surely you should have known better.

Whether you were duped by DAP or whether you have made a mistake in joining DAP may I suggest that you just consider it as lessons learnt. Walk away and do the decent thing - lick your wounds in the privacy of your own space. Do not make a fool of your self in ours.

Anybody in DAP or for that matter in any political party today, the Chinese included, would have their opinion of frogs (of the political kind) reinforced by what you did when you joined DAP, what you did when you were in DAP and now, what you are doing when you have left DAP.

Leave it be Tunku. Be a man! 


  1. DAP is not like UMNO where you can buy a high position with money. That is why you can see there are many half past six people holding high position there and my god, just imagine these people may one day become our PM, chief ministers, mentri besars or cabinet ministers. Tunku Aziz as a highly educated and learned man can't be so simple minded as not to realize this. And I heard he joined DAP to help fight corruption. Surprisingly he is now with the gang of thieves he was supposed to fight against. A man with integrity will not go around badmouthing his former party after he left. Did you see Lee Lam Thye doing that?

  2. Pak Hussein,
    You are right about this guy who betrayed the trust of the DAP members accorded to him. It is only right that they are now wary on who to trust among the Malays. As the Malay saying goes,'sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelangga'. You know who this indigo is.

  3. Fuck you tunku......meritocracy rules, gotta earn it....not becuz of d colour of your skin,dig?

  4. This turncoat is only going for position in a party and when he is not with good terms with the party he will shit on it.No standard for people like him.

  5. If we cannot escape racialism in Malaysia, then the obvious thing to do is try and bring in more Malay members into DAP. Just imagine a situation where Malays form the majority in the party!

    Anyway, I think the delegates were too caught up with their own teams and leaders, each tried to outdo the others, as is common in political parties. In case anyone got the impression certain leaders were too selfish in getting votes for themselves, I am sure even LKS, LGE and Karpal Singh had their anxious moments as to how the votes would turn out. This time round, ex-Deputy Chairman, Dr. Tan
    Seng Giaw, lost, probably for being out of touch with party activities and more involved in PSC and the like. However, he was appointed in CEC.

  6. How to be a man when jibby got his balls in his hand?