This is an attempt to explain what may be behind this by azam 64A
We must go back to the hunt and ultimately assassination of Osama Bin Ladin. With all the money and technology at their disposal, the USA failed to locate him. The final break through came because of a certain Pakistani medical practitioner, Dr Shakil Afridi. He sat up a vaccination clinic in the town of Abbotabad in the neighbourhood where Osama's house happened to be located. The later's children innocently went for vaccinations, but the Dr also took DNA swab from the lining of the mouth. The sample got into the hands of the CIA. The straight forward conclusion was that Dr Afridi was under the pay of the CIA.

The DNA sample matched that of close relatives of Osama (which the CIA must have got from S Arabia). The CIA then could trace and locate the exact house where Osama was staying. Those sympathetic to Osama's cause may now be v suspicious of vaccination programs. Proper medical ethics will require consent if a DNA swab is to be done or any other procedure above the vaccination that the people come for. They did not inform or explain that other procedures were done.

It is very sad that the programe to eradicate polio now is interupted. It is something that can be done, many
countries had achieved this including Malaysia.  The blame is that people will use all means to achieve their intentions. In this case making use of a Dr doing noble work to vaccinate children. Innocent children were made use of.

Nearer home in S Thailand, govt teachers are targeted. The freedom fighters say they don't want the influence of Thai culture and Buddhism on their children. It is their choice but at the same time the children are deprived of schooling and education. Many are the problems in Muslim society now.

azam 64A