Thursday 20 December 2012

Can some one tell me why would two members of Malaysia’s special/elite security force, tasked as security detail to the Prime Minister’s family, take the rap for a murder which they had nothing to benefit from?


  1. Are we very sure the two are in death row or tucked away somewhere in kenny hills villa and provided with whatever fancies them. They could be in death row f$cking away to glory in some villa safehouses and could be supplied with limitless china dolls to play with day in day out.
    Points to ponder !
    They could also be your neighbors !
    No one has seen their faces!

  2. Yes, no one has ever seen their faces. They could be in Australia right now.

  3. Malaysia Boleh. Things that can never happen in other countries can happen here. If this murder was committed in other countries the mastermind would have been in jail by now as there were many leads to get him but in Bolehland, things can just be swept under the carpet depending on who you are. The full force of the law will only be imposed on you or me if crimes are committed by us ordinary folks but for the VVIP they can get away with anything like corruption or even murder. This is Bolehland.

  4. The longer those two convicts are kept alive the better and hopefully they would last long enough to hang on to their dear life so that if PR rules the new government they would spill the truth and have your question answered! Right Pak?