Friday 14 December 2012

It’s not titles that honour men, but man that honour titles

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December 14, 2012
FMT LETTER: From Mentaloon, via e-mail
Six-hundered years of recorded history reminds us that the Malay Sultanates are nothing to be proud of.  It’s undignified and humiliating past continue to influence negatively the society that we live in, a strong, modern Malay society and Malaysians in general. It inspires mediocrity and cowardice. Those who do not acknowledge these facts are living in denial.
An institution that was founded not based on bravery, military might or intelligence, but on stumbled chance and rule over the timid and meek – an establishment riddled with treachery and mismanagement.
Any success achieved were either mere coincidence or that had been hard fought by loyal and brave subjects, only to be squandered away by incompetence and greed among the so called Royals, a short-lived intermittent legacy at best.
Those who vowed to protect the land were betrayed by the very same institution that they swore to defend. Brave warriors and generals such as Tun Perak , Abdul Rahman Imam Nuh, Mohammad Hassan Munas, Abdul Said and many more were all sacrificed to protect a family legacy that cares only of their own survival and prosperity.
A monarchy that is embarrassingly subservient to regional or colonial powers at one time or the other, it had never recovered, until the “ people” took over and chose to retain its heritage as one of the pre-conditions of independence. It was better off left to rot.
These facts are not hard to come by, in effect, it had been indoctrinated in our education system and made to be painstakingly memorised for school examinations. I can’t possibly be the only one to recognise these degrading facts. Are we that insecure to submit to puppets, that bow to greater power?
I will not submit to lineage of cowardice. Any self-respecting man would not do so. You do not deserve my patronage. You do not deserve any respect. I say this in full view of the public.
As painful as it is, the truth remains the truth. Problems exists that need to be diagnosed and rectified, these are not mere inconveniences and wastages, these are matters of honour to one’s society.  I offer no apologies, I have no remorse and I will not repent.
It is not titles that honour men, but man that honour titles - Niccolo Machiavelli

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