Thursday 27 December 2012

Prostitution - a source of income for PDRM?

This was first posted on Thursday May 27, 2010. 


15 Foreign masseuses held at reflexology centre.
JOHOR BARU: Fifteen foreign female masseuses were detained in a raid at a traditional reflexology centre in Jalan Pingai, Taman Pelangi here last week. Of the 15 women, eight of them were believed to be victims of a human trafficking syndicate.

The eight, seven Cambodians and an Indonesian, between the ages of 18 and 20, were believed to have been brought into the country legally under the pretext of securing jobs in factories.
The raid was conducted by a team from the Federal Police Anti-Vice, Gaming and Secret Societies (D7) division following a tip-off.

Let me tell this as it is – as it should be told rather then the above media headlines which seems to tell us that PDRM is on top of everything. In this matter what they are on top off is open to conjecture. I want to say here categorically that 90% of these “reflexology centre” in this country are fronts for prostitution. Full stop!
Let us take Jalan Bukit Bintang. The massage centers, SPA, reflexology centers on that street and on the side street running off Jalan Bukit Bintang are centers for prostitution. The Massage Center at the Federal Hotel – a center for prostitution that not only has the vice squad officers on a monthly retainer but also entertains them on a need basis – not their needs but PDRM needs. This massage center is confident enough to have Malay girls on their premises without fear of being raided by PDRM or any religious authorities.
You can see the cars carrying these ladies of the evenings to and fro along these streets delivering them to the various hotels and massage parlors for them to do their “business.” And their business is prostitution!  Chinese from China, Cambodians, Thai, Burmese’s, Indons, Russians – for a price they can all be got in Jalan Bukit Bintang.
Stake out the back of Federal Hotel – the road between the Hotel and the Bowling alley – and you see the activities of these pimps with their females. Gone are the days when only Protons were exclusively used (a fact that Mahathir would have approved – the use of Protons I mean!) – but no longer because Proton cars die too soon though you do see them sometimes – but there is no denying the existence of these pimps and their charges – and where are the Police? Where are the Federal Police Anti-Vice and D7 officers?
I am accusing them of complicity  - if not all of them then the majority of them. Of complicity in ensuring that not only do the trade in these females flourish but it also stays beyond the reach of the law and religious authorities. Are you telling me that PDRM is not aware of these activities? That the IPK Selangor situated in the heart of things – in front of the Pudu Jail -  is totally ignorant of this lucrative business in Bukit Bintang?
I tell you that they are in cahoots with the heavenly kings that control this trade. I tell you that the senior officers are receiving monthly retainers to turn a blind eye for amounts of Ringgits that would tempt many of us to want to join PDRM in droves. I tell you that this rot snakes itself from the lowest ranked constable to whoever is needed to ensure that the trade continues to thrive.

 As Sgt Schultz of Hogan Heroes said:
“Should it ever happen again I will report you to your superior officer and then to his superior officer and even to his superior officer. I will report it all the way up until it comes back to me and if I ever report it to myself…you are going to be in trouble!”

So all bases have to be covered and it starts with complicity at the highest level in PDRM.
Where should PDRM start if they want to clean up Bukit Bintang from these activities? Pick any of these massage parlor. Any one of them and do a stake out in the open. Just place a police patrol car out front or at the back entrance.  Take photos of anyone visiting. That will stop all the customers from frequenting these places. When the customers stops coming – the business closes. The girls have no jobs and they will have to go back to Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia – wherever they came from. No worries about them not being able to leave just because they have overstayed. A system already exists between them and Immigration to allow them to leave anytime they want once they have paid what the immigration officers wants to allow them to leave our country without any hassle….see how accommodating immigration can be when there is something in it for them on a personal level!
So Mr. IGP – are you denying that you and your officer turn a blind eye to these activities? The public who frequent Bukit Bintang can see what is happening. The Public does not have to stake out any establishment. They do not have to spend hours investigating what is going on  - it is there in front of their eyes! Is this PDRM idea of passive containment for mutual gain?
I am not even going to write about Jalan Chow Kit ! If you cannot manage Bukit Bintang then let us just pretend that the drugs dealing and the flesh trade in Chow Kit does not exists. Let us just pretend that all is good in that part of town. But do not think that we do so because we are heeding your demand that we leave PDRM in peace to do their job.
Why is the IGP telling us to let a sleeping tiger alone? That PDRM is the sleeping tiger? Huh! You stand up and talk your head off about us doing what PDRM wants us to do. You go on and on about PDRM being maligned and bad mouth by the public. Mr IGP Tan Sri Sir you choose to not see what your officers are doing. We cannot because we are at the receiving end of it all. We bear the brunt of your PDRM thugs pushing their weight around in order to line up their pockets. Your constable on the beat have to work hard for their share of our money because after all their officers are getting monthly pay-off of up to $20K to $30K a month in Bukit Bintang alone. And these are not figures I pick out of the air. Go to IPK Selangor and see for yourself what car your officer drives, what car their wives drives – and just for the fun of it – search the pockets of each and everyone in that IPK building and see what you get! 
So much corruption. So much abuse of power. So much complicity in crimes with the criminal elements of Kuala Lumpur. And so many of your officers involved. …and you wonder why we look upon PDRM with contempt and disgust? Ptui!


  1. Very true. A food court off Jalan Sungai Besi, KL, is being used as a base for prostitution for China Dolls. At least more than a 200 of them can be seen at the place every night and some loitering at the streets nearby. The police will conduct a surprise "raid" almost every night in an unmarked car to forcefully detain a few of them in the guise of getting rid of prostitution but in reality these "raids" are good money making for them. These China dolls told us that those caught will be released immediately if they can cough out RM2000 as "fine". For those unable to will be taken to be locked up at the police station till their friends came up with the "fine". Some claimed they were being molested while at the police station. And surprisingly it is always the few same policemen that comes every time. It is obvious they are not there to rid the place off prostitution but actually making money from it. They are "licensed extortioners" and these helpless Chinese dolls are their goldmine.

  2. I am waiting for the IGP's predictable reply of "where got one" to these allegations of pdrm involvement in vice activities.
    I am curious though...what does the royal house of the southern state have to say about one Tengku Goh's expanding tentacles of vice? Could the ominous silence mean collusion?

  3. Matters are so bad that the usually "business-friendly" Star has been highlightng these and gambling centres (under various disguises including pool) of late. People have demonstrated in some neighbourhoods. Thase complaints are met alternately with flat denials or "what can we do, others are not cooperating." A year or so ago, there was a report of a rural restaurant located in a planation, where you went behind for the extras. Every street and housing estate is crawling with Africans, Afghans and China dolls - the last hawking what they have brought from China in the day-time. Afghans have even been spotted coming through our airports with Malaysian passports.

    The main reasons for the flood of illegals is (a) collusion to undermine the wages of Malaysians (one of the factors in local poverty and crime) (b) vice (c) manufacturing voters.