Friday 1 February 2013

cakap cakap.....Camna Tun....what do you do in your 'ADVISORY CAPACITY'....gaji buta ka?

In Mahathir’s latest offering on his blog  re THE “ALLAH” CONTROVERSY he suggests the following:

Let this controversy be settled behind closed doors by responsible people. Let not the extremists take over and exploit religious issues.

While many would agree that because of the sensitivity of the issue that it is best settled behind closed doors so as to not let the extremist take over and exploit religious issue, our worry would be if these extremist that Mahathir talks about and those discussing these controversy behind close doors are in cahoots!

Looks like Mahathir, acts like Mahathir....must be Mahathir!

We just cannot be too careful Tun. We have seen this happen too many times in the past where maters discussed behind closed doors tends to favour your family, your Cronies, UMNO, BN…..nudge nudge…wink wink….say no more!

Kita tidak mudah lupa Tun…the IPP’s agreements, the Toll Concessionaires agreement, close tenders. negotiated tenders, MAS etc …..and then there is the matter of the rescuing of a certain shipping company owned by a certain family member of a certain sitting PM of Malaysia which we now know should  certainly NOT have been discussed behind closed door because the people discussing the shipping company issue behind closed doors happened to be the father of the owner of that shipping company  and thus have got the same vested interest as the one being discussed about! Mana boleh jadi Tun?

And Tun also wrote:

It is unfortunate that Ibrahim Ali should suggest burning the newly-printed bibles. That may be the way we rid ourselves of unwanted publications. It cannot be done for the Bible any more than it can be done for the Quran. 

Ahem.....Tun I suggest you refer to the above image of you and the same Brahim Beruk ....taken, I sure, when you were still euphoric about your appointment as their ADVISOR! I rest my case! 

I believe you are also ADVISOR to PETRONAS and PROTON and a few other organizations. Camna Tun....what do you do in your 'ADVISORY CAPACITY'....gaji buta ka?

So Tun before anything is to be discussed behind closed doors there must be responsible people to discuss these National interest issues behind that closed door.

And Tun….there will be no closed doors when they start to discuss what you were up too during your time as our ‘responsible’ PM….you irresponsible man!      

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  1. "What does he do in his advisory capacity?" Take a guess. What has he been doing in such a capacity in Petronas? How has it worked out so far for himself and his family? In the same vein, why do you think Najib is hessitating to go to the polls? Because of the special demand as to who the new deputy should be, regardless of who the PM is!