Thursday 28 February 2013

We are all Malaysian for sure but we are now all mostly Malaysian who will no longer be silent, be still or be accepting of the manner our politicians now choose to conduct themselves. And they ignore us at their own peril.

Too many times have I despair about the fate of my beloved tanah tumpah darah ku – Malaysia. Too many times have I been angered at the incoherence of our leaders to do what they should for the common good of our Rakyat, our Nation and our future. Despair, anger and the unbearable helplessness of seeing my country led by leaders who continues to astound and awe us in the manner they conduct themselves in their personal and public life with the impunity such as that exhibited by Hitler ravaging Europe as if it were his God given right to do so and of Idi Amin consigning Uganda to economic ruins with his purge of Asians from Uganda’s economy. Yes this BN government does all this and more!   

And who am I to be so bothered about the goings on 3000km away from where I now live?

I am a 65 year old Malaysian no longer able to be quiet or still at the continued dalliance of our political leaders with one preoccupation and one preoccupation only! That of maintaining and/or seizing political power at this coming 13th general election.

I am that Chinese person who have long endured the constant barrage of abuse and accusations from UMNO for being a Chinese, for not being a Muslim, for taking from the Malays their hereditary rights of Ketuanan Melayu, for being unpatriotic towards a country I call home because I know of no other home, for being an ungrateful person to a country that has given me everything that I now have. All this I am accused of even as I do all that this BN government has asked me to do. Even as I call Malaysia my home and its people my brothers and sisters.

I am that Indian individual that knows that still too many other Indians live in abject poverty even as my representative in Government do much more for themselves that for the Indians, even as this BN government promise much but deliver little to better the condition of the Indians. I am that Indian who knows what Hindraf stands for and what it did at the 12th general election and I am also that Indian who understand that Malaysians "mudah lupa!"

I am that East Malaysian that knows that the BN government understands little of our sensibilities and aspirations to be treated with the respect due to a sovereign state rather than that of a vassal state – and our demand that our inherent wealth and state resources should be used first for the betterment of our own people – not that of our leaders and much less for the gain of West Malaysian – at least not until our interests are taken care of first.

We are all Malaysian for sure but we are now all Malaysian who will no longer be silent, be still or be accepting of the manner our politicians now choose to conduct themselves. And they ignore us at their own peril.

For I am also a supporter of Pakatan Rakyat. An activist of Bersih, Lynas and any other group or NGO’s that seeks to bring positive change to the way our politics are now evolving. I am that person that will insist on ABU – Anything But UMNO. I am for PKR, DAP and am a PAS supporter as I am against Najib, Muhyiddin or Mahathir – against UMNO and BN. I am all that and more as I am determined that we will take back our country for ourselves. Take back the government, the state and any bit of ourselves that has been soiled, ravaged and ruin by these same politicians who now wants us again to elect them to government.         

I am Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Iban, Bidayuh, Pakistani, Punjabi, Sikh,  Eurasians,   Orang Asli,  and anybody else that stands for government of the people, for the people and by the people.

I am a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, a Sikh an Atheist and anything in between.

What is left for us to do is to go out and do what we must at the 13th general election – and that is to choose change over allowing any further extension of tenure for this BN government .

Choose to do this because after half a century of their way of government it is time we change to what has been promised to us by Pakatan Rakyat. A promise of open, responsible and good government.

This is a promise Pakatan Rakyat must keep. We will see that they do, we will ensure that they do and if they do not, we will do to them what we will now do to this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government – kick them out of office. And as God is my witness that I will do!  

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