Wednesday 6 February 2013

Are you Early Morning or Past Midnight blogee (that's my term for those who read blogs!)

Just a short note to those of you who read what I write. Thanks for stopping by steadyaku47. Since I started again to work on this blog in earnest I have come to realise that some of you out there likes to surf the NET in the early hours of the morning – or should I say past midnight? That would be about the time that I get into bed and put whatever thoughts I might still have onto my iBook before I float of into la la land.

And this is one of life’s mysteries that still puzzles me…. When exactly do I fall asleep? It frightens me as much as it mystifies me. Frightens me because we really have no control over that part of our life when our body shuts down to rest – and it mystifies me because what really happens during that ‘twilight zone’…how is it that we wake up at the time that we do and sleep at the time that we do? But I digress.

Thanks for stopping by. I am sometimes at a loss as to whether I should post articles I have written early morning to catch the morning readers or just before midnight to give you ‘twilight zone’ readers food for thought?

There have even been time when I post an article at 5 a.m.  – thanks to my inability to NOT fall asleep at the appointed time – and there are still one or two of you out there that clicks on steadyaku47 to read what I post – even at that ungodly hours! Ajaib tapi benar….but whoever you are just remember that I am grateful that you read what I write!

Anyway….it’s now just past 8.30am – Wednesday morning – the 6th of February. I have started to think what I should get my wife for Valentines….some trinkets from Pandora perhaps?        


  1. Good morning, Mr Hussein. Now is 6.00am, Malaysian time. For me, my age is around yours. As we grow older we sleeps less and less. My eyes automatically opens at 5.00am, took a morning walk with my two doggies and I will be at the mamak shop at around 6.00am plus for my teh tarik. I visit your blog as early as 5.00am when it rains and I cannot go jalan jalan. Your articles are always interesting but I have a little complain - that is, you are putting in new topics too fast, over-lapping the ones you wrote just hours ago. Many will miss out your writes if they don't check which I find it's a pity as all your topics makes very interesting reading. Whatever, please continue to give your thoughts in writing as I am sure, many like me, will love to read them. Now, time to go for my teh tarik.

  2. Sir, I visit when I can and at times at silly hours. Keep writing! Your thoughts are humble, sometimes "ketuk-ing" but insightful.
    Gift ideas for the Missus - have you ever thought of doing a chronology collage of family pictures for her? Our families are our most precious gifts aren't they?
    Kong Hee Fatt Choy and Happy Valentine's to you and the Missus.
    You and your bride are truly a love story to behold!

  3. Aiyah Tee now the thought of you taking your two doggies for an early morning walk...and then teh tarik will be on my mind whenever I sit down for MY nescafe! As for your complain....some times I write too much...sometimes I get writer's block...but I will keep that complain in mind. Growing old is great because I no longer keep time by the minutes or is normally by the day....I will get my haircut this wednesday or next week! Even next month ma!

    Anon - that chronology collage of family pictures is an idea worth thinking about....though I am no Brad my wife always keeps tells me! I remind her that she is no Angelina Jolie!

  4. Terbaekkkk !! saya selalu mengikuti tulisan tuan !! keep it on !

  5. Saya pun nak 'tabek', Hussein! Buy anything for your lovely wife. It is the 'thoughts' that matter and not the goods per se. Cheers! And, keep writing.
    Bernard (one year your senior in ETC)