Wednesday 6 February 2013

UMNO's solution to bribery? ......So to stop corruption stop handing out bribes! The givers of corruption should be given a more severe sentence than the recipients.

steadyaku47 comment: Following is an email sent by anon (of course ..who else!) in response to my post "If not now...when?" I have posted it here in its entirety. I have only one comment to make with regards to me  personally - I DO NOT DRINK BEER OR WINE- and I do not do so not for any religious reasons but because, like smoking, I do not enjoy drinking beer or wine or smoking. As for having made enough money in Malaysia to live in Australia...if this fucking idiot had taken the trouble to read what I write he would know that I arrived in australia over 30 years ago with Aud $120 (One hundred and twenty dollars) and all that I could carry with me as allowed by the airlines - about 40 kgs - and nothing else! Anyway he starts off as follows: Everything after this sentence is his! 


The writer of this blog is a Malay, married to a white foreigner and now living in Australia. He wrote the following in his blog:

If not now...when?

“From time to time my Malay friends have sent me emails and make comments on my blog on events, issues and matters that has happened in our past. They remind me of the struggles that generations of Malays before me have gone through so that we Malays can live in our ‘own’ country, governed by our own leaders and be the Tuan’s of our own nation. They ask that I do not forget the struggles of these Malays for it is because of them that we Malays are where we are now. We are in government and we are in control of our own destiny. Jangan jadi bodoh lah Melayu, they remind me.......

This is my response to response this posting.

According to some statistics as claimed by the anti-UMNO group of people and the opposition parties some 2 million citizens of Chinese descend and half a million Indians from this country have migrated overseas for the last 40 years. Malaysia will continue to allow anyone else, irrespective of their ethnic origins to go to other countries to seek greener pastures. This phenomenon is a common feature in many countries including those of other Asean, Asian, European and other Western countries. People migrate from one country to another for their own reasons. You and your family are at liberty to join them for the reasons that you find conditions here are so bad and unacceptable to you.

My reading of you is that you have made enough money for yourself and prefer to live the western style of living with freedom to do things that would be looked down upon in a Muslim society such that of ours, like not going to the mosque, not having to fast during Ramadan and the freedom to enjoy your wine and beer without fear of being branded in a negative manner.

I also suspect that your spouse is a mat salleh who cannot fit in the Malaysian way of living. Hence your right to choose to live where it fits her requirements and convenience. All I can say to you is, good luck and good riddance!

I am unable to go through your list of so-called abnormalities and discriminatory policies of the BN government or UMNO in particular. Some have come about through the government policies based on historical reasons, while others are the result of preferential choice and more enduring comfort zones by the ethnic groups themselves. Suffice for me to response the long list with the following paragraphs:

* 95 percent of the Malaysian economy is in the hands of the Chinese. 95 percent of Chinese are employed by thousands of Chinese-owned business houses and companies. So only the remaining 5 percent of them are available to take up jobs in 30 odd GLCs. Conversely the Malays can only get 5 percent of the jobs in Chinese-owned business organisations and companies such as clerks, runners and security guards . So the only jobs available for the Malays are in the GLCs and government ministries and departments, Armed Forces and the Police Force.

* Majority of Chinese are not keen to apply jobs in the government or public sector which include government ministries/departments of the civil service, the Armed Forces and the Police Force. This is due partly to the low wages offered in this sector compared to those that they can earn from working or doing their own business ventures in the private/business sector. For the Malays as long as they can earn a living with a certain amount of comfort they are happy to do so, unlike the Chinese whose aim in life is to get rich (by hook or crook) before reaching the magical age of 40 years. This philosophy is a common knowledge among Malaysians based on the fact that generally the Malays who are Muslims do not believe in bringing wealth to his grave because his fate in the world after would depend on his good deeds and whether he has carried out his religious responsibilities as a Muslim; whereas the Chinese in general believe his fate in the kingdom come will depend on how much wealth he can bring with him into the grave both in real material forms or symbolically by using paper representations.

* Except for those petrol stations which sell Petronas fuel, almost 99 percent of the other petrol stations such as Shell, Caltex, Exxon, etc are owned and run by Chinese because the Malays on their own have no capital or collaterals to apply for the business from these companies and loans from the banks. Petronas provide the only avenue and the facilities for some of the lucky Malays to enable them to participate in this retail business.

*The wholesale and retail sector of the business industry is entirely held by the Chinese. The combined ownership of the wholesale and retail business by Malays and the Indians consist of at the most 3 percent. It’s a complete monopoly by the Chinese.

*There is a sector of the business industry that the Malays cannot participate at all because of their religious belief. The Malays are restricted by their religion as well as by their lack of business acumen to be involved in illegal business actvities such as prostitution, massage parlours, alongs (money-lenders), pirating DVDs/CDs/softwares/CP clones, producing imitation cigarettes, liquor, drugs and medicines, legal and illegal gambling, human trafficking, credit cards and counterfeit money, smuggling of contraband goods such as cigarettes, liquor and drugs, forming secret societies for protection, kidnapping rich towkeys and running dadah business, baby trafficking and selling stolen children, illegal farming of pigs and vegetables on government land, kereta-potong, producing imitation vehicle spare parts, con jobs, hired killers, bouncers and all other illegal business for quick and easy money.

* The Malays cannot afford to offer bribes as they do not have more than they need, whereas the Chinese who have lots of money will use their money to get their ways around the laws and in everyday life and in business as long as their money can make more money. Corruption will stop once everybody stops the inclination to give bribes. So to stop corruption stop handing out bribes! The givers of corruption should be given a more severe sentence that the recipients.

*As for the education statistics, majority of the Malays and other Bumiputras can only afford to send their children to national type schools where the medium of instruction is Bahasa Malaysia(BM). Most of the Chinese and Indians send their children to either the Chinese and Tamil Vernacular schools respectively or to the private schools such as the International Schools and other commercially run private schools. Some of them send their children to national-type BM schools. So it not suprising that there would be more national-type BM schools being built to cater for the bigger percentage of the population. As for the local universities being filled by Malays this is obvious for the reason that majority of the Malays/Bumiputras either cannot afford to send their children to other than local government-financed universities and with such limited number of universities in the country it is small wonder that 90 percent of the space in the local universities are taken up by the Malays/Bumiputras. The Chinese and the indians to a smaller extent can afford to send their children to private local colleges/ universities and to overseas universities, while only limited number of Malays/Bumiputras whose parents can afford to send them overseas for tertiary education, the majority of the Malays/Bumiputras attending foreign unversities are government scholarship holders or on government study loans. It is therefore not suprising that there are much more Non-Malay students in tertiary education than the Malays/Bumiputras as against the backdrop of the population ratio of 65:35 between the Malays/Bumiputras and the various other races.

Hussein also brought up this point: “Nobody can be discriminated against in Australia because of race, religion or gender – and if they are discriminated against, the law of the land allow the to seek redress”. Since he is living Australia he should know better that this statement is not true at all. On the contrary racial discrimination by the whites against even the aborigines, Asian and Middle Eastern people and Muslims are as clear as daylight. We have come to learn about how badly the Australian whites treat the Chinese, Vietnamees and lately against the Indian migrants with the Indian youth being targeted with violence and death by the white racists. The condescending attitude of the whites towards the non-Whites is for the former’s benefit for cheap labour for menial works such as cleaning the toilets, gardening, collecting rubbish, house-keeping tasks, etc which no Whites want to do for a living.

The whole issue of racial polarization to-day is mainly due to the strong and aggressive demanding tone of the non-Bumiputeras against the so-called social contract. They demand that the so-called Malay rights which are stated in the Malaysian Constitution should be abolished whilst at the same time they want to maintain their own rights to practise their own religion, culture, use their own mother tongues and have their own vernacular schools. They want the Bumi rights to be removed but they still insist on retaining their own rights. In other countries such as in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines the national language is the only language allowed to be used as the lingua franca and medium of instruction in the schools. The reason is obvious – for the sake of national unity. Here in Malaysia the non-Malays are permitted to have their own schools and speak their own languages. Now is it fair for some races to demand for other peoples’ rights to be abolished while at the same time one they insist that they will keep their own rights ? Malaysia should only have one national language, BM and English as the second language as what is practised in other ASEAN countries. And yet countries like Indonesia and Thailand are economically strong ! My point is if you demand for other people to remove their rights then you should be prepared to also to forgo your own rights as enshrined in the Constitution. Quid pro quo (Something for something) ! Or when the Malays themselves wish to abrogate their rights then it is the rights of the Malays to do so. Until then no one should question the status quo.


In his latest posting Hussein remarked that the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) was established by the British to take up the lower jobs in the colonial Civil Se4vice then. Nobody denies that. However he missed the point that without UMNO at the helm of the political hold MCKK would NOT continue to exist. If PR were in power MCKK would be the first to lose its original identity. I am willing to put my bet on it.

I hear enough of the whining from so called second class citizens the majority of whom are actually living at ultra class standard simply because they are economically much better off. They hold the economic grip, but the so-called first class Bumiputeras are no complaining about that. Now the second class non-Bumiputeras are trying to wrest the political control of the country by claiming all sorts of crimes committed by the BN government to win over the younger voters who did not undergo through all the challenges that the country had faced and overcome ! Read up the history of this nation for God’s sake !!!


  1. No point debating with
    narrow-minded racists or fascists.

    They can only see the world through
    their race-coloured glasses.

    They don't even realise the concept of "race" has no scientific basis at all (as shown by the Human Genome Project)and that this is actually a social construction that arose to justify
    European imperialism and exploitation of the peoples of their colonial possessions.

    Bodohs like this will have a hard time trying to classify your children ("Malay" father, "Greek" mother, "Australian" nationality)!

    Phua Kai Lit

  2. To the one who cannot get his facts right:

    "If you are not willing to learn,
    No one can help you.
    If you are determined to learn,
    No one can stop you."

    Some facts: some Chinese schools are more diversified than national schools: more than 10% non-Chinese students compared with less than 10% non-Malay students respectively. Reason? Because of falling standards in national schools. For those who can afford, they go to international schools. Parents have to forego investments in properties or purchase of luxury cars so that their children can have a good start.