Wednesday 20 February 2013

cakap is good.

I have not been able to write as much as I would have liked to do these last two weeks mainly because by brain simply refuses to work as it normally does when I sit at my table and power on my PC to write. Let me share with you friends how I normally 'work' or write the things that I write. 

I do not have a disciplined mind capable of churning out articles systematically  -i.e with an introduction, the main body of thoughts and then an ending to conclude. What I do is write whatever it is that comes into my head on the pieces of papers and notebooks I have around my apartment. When I sit in front of the PC the same will I just type out whatever pops into my head then draw a line to isolate it from another thoughts that has just occurred. 

Eventually what I have are my thoughts on various random subjects matters and this may go on for a few hours or a few days before I sit myself down and begin the task of putting together all these random thoughts on random subjects under various groups and headings   and each of these groupings or heading will eventually and hopefully end in a finish article to be posted on steadyaku47 or elsewhere.

Bila ada mood all will be good as I can sort out five to ten pages of random thoughts without any problem.

Bila ada mind block....die lah. These last two weeks have been a 'die lah' time! My mind simply cannot string along more that two or three thoughts at any one time. 

So what do I do? 

These three weeks I have been buying things for the unit we now are in. An entertainment unit to put the TV on, two massive comfortable leather chairs for my wife and me, an interesting Table Lamp, a number of stuff from IKEA (my favorite furniture place to buy from) and a Samsung washing machine that washes and dries. All this involves much rearranging of things around the unit, a lot of sweat on unusually hot days in Melbourne (over 35 degrees) and the silence and patience of my wife and son as I go about trying to make this apartment into a home. 

While doing all this I found two batik sarongs belonging to my late dearest mother which I remembered vaguely taking as a keepsake in remembrance of the life she had lived for us. As you would all remember all the four sarongs I brought from KL are now in tatters. Well now I have two more of my mother's. I washed them this afternoon and am now wearing one of them even as I am writing this! Thank you emak!

Life is good.        


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  1. we have a lot of similarities, as far as our political inclinations and our ages are concerened. I happen to live in Melbourne too. Maybe we may by chance bump into one another.