Saturday 23 February 2013

MAHATHIR : a congenital treasonous serial liar?

Mahathir: Profile of a congenital treasonous serial liar?

Written by  donplaypuks

Has there been a more loathsome, reviled, offensive, malevolent, repulsive, abhorrent and abhorred person in Asian politics than this man who claims he is a Constitutional Malay, but not an Indian even though his father was a Keralan of India descent? Since when, and by what logic or magic, did religion change anyone's DNA?

And I exult now that he has fallen on his own sword in his continuing vendetta against the man he (and UMNO/BN) fears more than anyone else, Anwar Ibrahim.

In his haste to anyhow link Anwar Ibrahim to the infamous and traitorous 'Project M Blue Identity Cards (IC) and Citizenships For Sale To Muslims' scandal, to illegally re-engineer the population mix in Sabah during his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981-2003, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has over-played his hand.

What Mahathir achieved is without a shadow of a doubt, treasonous.
Blue IC's and citizenships were sold and manipulated to enable illegal immigrants and/or their documents to be deployed to vote in favour of the ruling UMNO/BN coalition, at by-elections and State and Federal elections. There is no way that someone like Deputy Minister Megat Junid, who reported directly to PM Mahathir, would have proceeded of his own accord in these blatantly criminal acts, without the specific involvement and directions of his boss, Mahathir!

Mahathir is guilty up to his neck as the mastermind behind this racially biased and religiously bigoted scheme to hang on to power.

Do remember too that for the past 10-over years, it has always been referred to as Project M (for Mahathir) and NOT Project A (for Anwar Ibrahim). And, for the past 10-over years, Mahathir consistently and vehemently denied such a project ever existed.
Then he does a complete U-turn in the wake of revelations at the current Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) hearing and testimonies vis-a-vis Sabah's immigrants crisis.
First, he publicly claimed that as then PM, he had the Constitutional power to confer citizenships, ignoring completely the Constitutional 'desirable citizen' test and length of residency status. He claimed it was all legal.

But he was forced to back-track when the RCI revealed the project was carried out secretly from its HQ at the home of his private secretary, and with the involvement of top civil serpents and Megat Junid, IC's and citizenships were sold for money to illegal immigrants who entered the country yesterday!

One witness has testified at the RCI that he had raked in over $1 million from the shady scheme, while a Special Branch officer hastened to testify that his "best recollections" were that this civil serpent had done if all by himself, strictly for personal gain! No instructions from above? No political party gained from it? And how did one civil serpent by-pass all internal checks, steal documents and special paper/IC forms/blue IC etc., all by himself? More lying from police and civil serpents, for sure!

Project M not Project A or Project TAR!
Without a hint of shame, Mahathir next scurrilously tried to shift attention and blame to the founding father of Malaya and Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Mahathir claimed the Tunku had altered Malay's demographics at the time of Independence (from British colonial rule) in 1957 by indiscriminately awarding citizenships to 1 million Chinese, Indians and others. Even if it were true, do two wrongs make a right?

The truth is, though, this is as bare-faced a lie as one you will come across anywhere. Those awarded citizenships in 1957 were either mainly legally contracted (by the British Administration) labourers and workers and their families or their children born in Malaya. They were NOT illegal immigrants. Most had a residency in Malaya that went back to the early nineteen hundreds, and did not regard Indian, China or Ceylon as their natural home. Their major contributions to the spectacular growth of the tin and rubber industries in Malaya, and the opening up of the country through infrastructure development - road, railway, port, airport and townships - are matters of historical facts!

More than that, this award of citizenship was openly discussed and approved by UMNO, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), the British Government, various NGOs and most importantly, by the Rulers (Sultans) of all the States! Nothing was transacted in the filthy, sordid, clandestine, dirty cloak and dagger style and acerbic mannerisms of Mahathir and his immoral UMNO Baru (new) bunch of thieves!

Startling jump in Sabah population
Between 1980-2010, Sabah's population grew from 930,000 to a staggering 3.1 MILLION!! This works out to over an incredible 300% increase since 1980, or an astonishing annually compounded growth rate of nearly 4.5%. Today, some 27% (837,000) of Sabah's population consists of illegal immigrants, mainly Muslims of Indonesian and Filipino descent. In no uncertain fashion is Mahathir responsible for robbing Sabahans of their sovereignty. No prizes for guessing who was Prime Minister of Malaysia for most of that period!
And, if the electoral rolls at Selangor are subjected to a truly independent audit, I guarantee you that something of a similar nature has occurred in Selangor, where in the last few years, its population has increased by over 400,000, comprising many Bangladeshis, Indonesians and Pakistanis. Note how the EC Chief has in typical CYA (Cover Your Ass) mode issued a statement that it is not his duty to verify the authenticity or validity of Blue IC's as long as they arrive from the National Registration Department!

Really low blow
Then in expected and classic cravenly cowardly Mahathir habit, he shifted blame to Anwar. Anwar was involved, if not wholly responsible, for the Project M IC debacle.
And where is the whale of all lies?

Mahathir added in that pre-emptive strike, that there was nothing in black and white that could be placed at Anwar's door, but that if his selective amnesia syndrome prone memory served him right, Anwar had acted beyond the good doctor M's intentions! And what exactly were Mahathir's good intentions? Hmm, Why it was the noble act of issuing IC's and citizenships to illegal immigrants based solely on the fact that they were Muslims! Never mind that some of them were known terrorists! Was there ever a more noble and more altruistic PM of Malaysia? And Mahathir was an honourable man, was he not? And so were they all, his UMNO Baru cohorts, all honourable men!

Lying thief?
Mahathir hasn't the decency to quit and leave the country of his own accord, for his indecent treasonous and traitorous conduct. This is the evil man who has utilised and mustered every ounce of power he has to split this country apart. Racial and religious polarisation has never been greater now than ever before, with Najib following suit in Mahathir's footsteps. Try as he may, Mahathir can't remove that Indian birth chip from his shoulders. And so it translates as the nation's No.1 racist, religious bigot and demagogue. Regardless of how it might rip the nation apart, Mahathir will thrash about, because it is in the nature of vermin and bugs to indulge so.

At the heart of it all is Mahathir's realisation that the people see the naked ex-Emperor for what he is - a pathteic, decrepit sore old sour puss. And he is trembling under his blanket. That's why he's talking about a future Pakatan Government arresting him (as they should), surely the talk of a big time loser. He's glad the Internal Security Act has been abolished, yet expressed no misgivings about having used it to arrest and imprison thousands without trial; he blamed the 1987 Ops Lallang arrests on the then Inspector General of Police, who true to the form of mindless sycophants and millionaire cronies, "affirmed" it some 20 years later, after Mahathir suggested that was the case! Well let Mahathir now be the one to endure sleeples nights awaiting the arrival of the dreaded 3 p.m. Black Maria! In the immortal words of Ben Elton, "he's crapping in his pants!"

So, we the PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA, must squash Mahathir like we would any irritating bug of whichever species he is one of, to preserve our unity, sanity, save ourselves and maintain our humanity and dignity. Let's put this scumbag out of his misery at the next General Elections!

ABU! (Anything But UMNO, unless it reforms).
Donplaypuks® with traitors, man!

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  1. To make our dreams come true, vote PR. Only a change of government can these thieves be prosecuted.