Saturday 2 February 2013

Mahathir – arrogant until the bitter end

Mariam Mokhtar
 | February 1, 2013
Mahathir must be fearing the worst. He has never visualised any party other than Umno in Putrajaya.
If one could smell fear, then those around former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, his family, BN politicians and their cronies, would need strong stomachs to deal with the overpowering stench.
When a person is running scared, he turns on his attackers or finds another person to take the rap. Mahathir has done both.
As we enter the final stages of the run-up to GE-13, Mahathir has lost none of his sarcasm. Only the most loyal of his sycophants will still receive him as warmly as before. He has become an outcast of 97% of the population.
In the preceding months, Mahathir has remained cocksure and taken pot shots at the opposition. He did not believe that the opposition could deliver their promises; nor would he accept that BN has neglected the rakyat, for the last 56 years.
You would expect a former PM to have some respect for the rakyat; but Mahathir derided them when he said that they could not appreciate political debates because of their immaturity and that they were too emotional to rationalise.
He said, “This is not America, but even in the US, debates only serve to expose how stupid the candidates are.” Might this explain the preponderance of Umno candidates’ refusal to debate their opposition counterparts?
Mahathir’s rhetoric is an indication of his internal fears. In the previous weeks he has shown his trademark arrogance and egotism. The sudden adoption of a defensive position shows an agitated mind.
His remarks about the opposition are revealing, “They will take action against people who were not friendly, or they think were not friendly to them,” and he voiced his fears about being arrested by the incumbent government.
This climb-down is unprecedented. Mahathir has never adopted this tone before and to talk about being arrested is unheard of. Mahathir’s lack of confidence is telling. This is again shown by his tacit mention of a “Pakatan-controlled Federal government”.


  1. A very good write up but in actual fact and sadly in bolih land not one politician's from both divide dare to lay a hand on this despicable crook.Basically all of them are barking gate dogs where the bark is only at the loudest when they the politicians feels that the rakyaat are clamouring for the end of this crook.Even that no one will initiate the arrest. Only rakyaat themselves can garner strong support to do a citizen arrest and do a "Gadaffi" style on him

  2. Reason why the UMNO top guns dare not go against him is because I heard he has a record of proofs of all their corrupt dealings from MACC during his tenure as PM. In simple language, it means he is holding everyone by the balls. Whoever try to be funny with him he will just need to squeeze his balls. That's why he is being called a sly old fox.

  3. We will show Tun and UMNO-BN our love come GE13

  4. He should know he is no longer the PM but instead of enjoying a happy retirement he just cannot keep his mouth shut resulting in what little respect we still have for him totally gone. Once a regular visitor to his Chedet blog but no more now.

  5. The only time he will shut up is when he is dead. Even then, his lips might still move. Oh, it's a tick, no, it's his restless spirit! I suspect a lot of people will celebrate the day it's announced he is really dead. after all, he is approaching 90 soon.