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An inquiry into economic plundering, looting, fraud, corruption and abuse of power over the last 30 years in Malaysia?

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by Fritz Nuremberg, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for economic plundering and abuse of power affairs.

A few days ago, I was contacted by X, a friend of a friend from London. I was reliably informed by X that his revelations will have a shockingly huge and major impact on the both the financial and political affairs of our country, in the coming months.

In 2011, frustrated with UN and western lack of support and inaction, former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his Perdana Foundation launched their own War Crimes Tribunal, Crime Against Humanity and Genocide Inquiry against Bush and Blair, in Kuala Lumpur. In a macabre turn of events, X said it would appear that a group of Malaysians will convene a private inquiry in London soon, to hold the likes of Mahathir and current Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib, accountable, for, among other things, alleged gross corruption, abuse of power and economic plunder in Malaysia.
X revealed that a group of Malaysian citizens who hold Permanent Residency or Work Permit status in UK and Australia, has decided to initiate a private inquiry funded by themselves, to identify individuals, groups and corporations and their owners responsible for large-scale economic plundering, looting, fraud, corruption and abuse of power over the last 30 years in Malaysia. Part of this inquiry will focus on money laundered out of Malaysia, estimated at a minimum of $250 billion, in contravention of Bank Negara Malaysia's rules.
This group, calling itself the London Private Commission of Inquiry into Corruption in Malaysia (LPCICM), apparently includes some very wealthy senior, experienced and retired patriotic Malaysian judges, lawyers, accountants, auditors, financial investigators, special branch and income tax officers and professionals. 

LPCICM is keen to allay suspicion and accusations that it is embarking on a witch-hunt. It is sworn to continuing its work to completion regardless of the outcome of the General Election to be held in 2013.
LPCICM obviously holds the view that a Government under the control of the current ruling party in Malaysia will NEVER hold a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the issues it has identified, principally because, it and its office holders are themselves allegedly parties to some of the most shamefully massive cover ups by any Government in living memory, if not, history itself! As X put it, “E.S. Shankar’s 2012 fiction/satire/literary novel, ‘Tiger Isle-A Government of Thieves’ seems so surreally apt in describing this regime to a T!” (CLICK HERE).
LPCICM apparently began its task of gathering evidence more than a year ago. X reported that through its highly secretive, private and confidential network of informants and whistle blowers, LPCICM has secured copies of ALL major Government Privatisation (known in Malaysia as Piratisation) and Procurement contracts and documents/memos/email exchanges and correspondence, unconstitutionally, and therefore, illegally, classified between 1980-2013 under the Official Secrets Act. LPCICM has also been quite successful at tracing illegal outflow of funds from contractors and agents to culpable Malaysians holding dirty money in secret bank accounts in off-shore tax havens like Zurich in Switzerland, the Channel Islands, Luxembourg, Seychelles, Maldives and the like, as well as Singapore, Australia and the UK.
X listed LPCICM’s mission as to investigate:
1.    Corruption in any shape, form or name.
2.    Abuse of power, especially for monetary or political gain.
3.   Failure of the Minister of Law, Attorney General and the Judiciary to investigate and prosecute in accordance with the law and international norms, especially in murder cases, and in cases involving those connected with the ruling party or media organisations owned and/or controlled by the Government. A Malaysian citizen has openly accused PM Najib and his wife of involvement in murder, corruption and abuse of power. What are the Inspector General of Police and MACC head doing about it?
4.      Failure of the Government to defend the independence and integrity of the Judiciary
5.   Failure by the relevant authorities to hold proper inquiries into hundreds of cases of deaths in police and other official custody.

LPCICM has set its sights on the dealings, unexplained and unaccounted-for wealth of several former and current:
1. Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Senators, Chief Ministers and their aides, and their immediate family members, parents, siblings and relatives.
2. CEO's of several Public Listed Companies and Banks identified as crony-owned, and those of Government Linked Companies and Funds, such as Khazanah, PNB, Prasarna, Iskandar etc.
3. Top Civil Servants, Army/Navy/Air Force Generals/Admirals, Police and Anti-Corruption Officials.
4.  Top officials at BNM, KLSE and the SC.

Expert investigators of international experience and standing, informants, whistleblowers and any other volunteers are slated to tender their findings at the LPCICM hearing, at a venue and date to be announced in due course. LPCICM will publish its full program, time-table and the full scope and terms of reference of its inquiry, as soon as its investigations are completed. Any aggrieved parties may be allowed (at LPCICM’s absolute discretion, in person only, and in the absence of their legal representatives) to rebut any testimony, but only if reasonably advance prior application is submitted to LPCICM.

LPCICM will name names, and publish its uncensored detailed findings on the Internet, and submit hard and soft copies of it to:

1.      The United Nations.
2.      The Governments of the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, China, Japan and India.
3.      The International Monetary Fund (IMF).
4.      World Bank .
5.      Organisation Of Islamic Countries (OIC).

It would appear that LPCICM has already started the process of furnishing proof to some Swiss banks to freeze the clandestinely operated USD bank accounts of some Malaysians alleged to have laundered hundred of millions of dollars, accumulated through the device of kickbacks and inflated contracts. LPCICM hopes to eventually have all these moneys repatriated to Malaysia, on terms that it be invested in sovereign funds, managed transparently by its unimpeachably spotless professional nominees, for the benefit of all Malaysians!


X had a lot more to say that I have revealed above. But dare we hope that LPCICM will become a reality? Dare we hope that a Government of thieves will be held accountable and made to pay for their contemptible misdeeds? Now it looks like, in a spooky way, Najib the pupil, may well drag his erstwhile master, Mahathir, along with all their cronies, to further ignominy and possibly, a long term behind bars! Let the wives of former chief justices, prosecutors and owners of public listed companies who so readily embrace directly negotiated sweetheart land acquisition, toll highway, construction and MRT contract deals, CEO's of public funded investment funds who suspiciously acquire dying IPP companies at fanciful premiums, let them all, the looters and plunderers, quake and tremble in fear that their day of reckoning may not far off, that in fact it may be imminent! Can they handle the truth!

Perhaps, the LPCICM inquiry might look into resolving, among numerous others, niggling questions like:

1. Why Petronas acquired 100% of KLCC (for some $4 billion?), when it is common knowledge that board and management control could have been secured with 30% equity holdings?
2. Why MAHB embarked on construction of the LCCT2 Terminal at KLIA, now rumoured to exceed the $4 billion cost they swore would not be breached, when Air Asia had planned, and has now implemented, its policy of moving its Regional HQ to Jakarta?
3. Why a former head of the SC, a prominent banker and a well-known Government Trust Company CEO were not prosecuted despite having provided sworn SD's for directorships/shareholdings in the aborted listing of a food company which had submitted misleading information to the KLSE?
4. Why a leading Telco was let off the hook by the SC when within a month after taking itsef private, it sold a material stake at a huge premium (several hundred million ringgit) to foreign investors, when their attempt to do so likewise in Indonesia attracted official  intervention?
5. Why a head of a major BN political party was allowed to resign chairmanship of a Plc involved in the biggest accounting fraud ($500 million) in Malaysian history, without being charged for a single offence by the KLSE/SC e.g. negligence, breach of fiduciary, sleeping on the job etc.?
6. Why insider trading prosecution has not been initiated against the husband of a former SC head, despite public perception backed by reliable opinion from leading analysts here and in Singapore, that there was a clear breach of the law?
7. Why in the $250 million Cowgate Bangsar Condo financial fraud, no one has been charged with dispensing $2 million in bribes, while the receiver is being prosecuted? How could a PhD holding Managing Director have been deceived into signing cheques for bribes?
As informed by X, the background against which the founding members of LPCICM in Australia and London were compelled to act, out of love for Malaysia and to secure its future on a more solid foundation, structure and leadership, is as follows:

According to X, based on secret surveys conducted by him and his cohorts, as much as 2/3 of the population of 27 million in Malaysia are convinced that the principle of Separation of Powers as envisaged by our founding fathers and enshrined in the 1957 Constitution, no longer exists. It would appear that several top ex- and current members of the Judiciary, Police, MACC, Civil Service and other investigative and governing agencies, institutions and  bodies (such as the EC, KLSE, SC and BNM) have either been threatened, silenced, hopelessly compromised or bought over by rogue elements within the Executive arm of the Government over the last 30 years, preventing them from properly investigating or taking legal action against massive financial and economic looting, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and abuse of power by certain members of the ruling party and their fraudtrepreneur and other cronies.
The attack on our Constitutional rights and protection was deliberate. The straw that broke the camel’s back following the heinous October 1987 Ops Lallang (CLICK HERE) assault on human rights ordered by Mahathir, was the sacking (CLICK HERE) in 1988 of Tun Salleh Abbas, Chief Justice of Malaysia, orchestrated once again by none other than Mahathir. Both of these incidents occurred at a time when Mahathir's and UMNO's grip on power was becoming extremely tenuous. There was grave doubt at that time that Mahathir would be able to cling on to power, given the massive discontent that was brewing within his own party, UMNO.
In the event, Mahathir did a Houdini, and went on to stay in office till 2003, after replacing the old UMNO with UMNO Baru (new) which remained his compliant tool. How 100% of the assets amounting to possibly several billions of ringgit and belonging to the members of a political Party, can be transferred to a newly incorporated political Party comprising a new set of members, must remain a mystery. Yet a can-do Malaysian judge created a first in world legal history.
Mahathir finally, voluntarily stepped down as Prime Minister, after 22 years in office. But the 1987 and 1988 whips that Mahathir cracked were sufficient to terrorise most from mounting any real opposition to many of his ill-thought out billion ringgit financial policies. The reality too though is that the grounds for laying down the form of Government and governance that Mahathir practised and bequeathed his successors - benevolent dictatorship, autocratic, top-down, fiat-driven, call it what you will - had their roots in several much earlier multi-billion ringgit financial scandals glossed over by our Government and Mahathir.
Measured purely in ringgit terms, the $4 billion Bank Bumiputra fraud (CLICK HERE), the $6 billion Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) US$ forex trading losses scandal (CLICK HERE), the $10 billion Perwaja Steel losses (CLICK HERE), and the $2 billion Maminco Tin fiasco (CLICK HERE) alone add up to a staggering $22 billion. But factor in disclosures in recent years that the BNM forex losses were actually in the order of $30 billion, subsequently masked and reduced to $6 billion by creative accounting. Factor in too that the man sacked for the BNM $30 billion losses is today heading the Government's Economic Plundering Unit. Factor in more that a Malaysian auditor investigating the 1983 Bank Bumiputra fraud was murdered by the Triad in Hong Kong, and that no one in Malaysia has been charged to date with any crime. Then you begin to have an inkling into the economic looting and Mafiaism that has almost become a way of life for some in Malaysia.
If that was all to it, we might just about breathe a sigh of relief. However, mismanagement and alleged fraud (based on actual police reports by management) at Malaysia Airlines System (MAS), PSC Naval Dockyard (costing $4.4 billion), inflated cost of Government and Army/Navy/Air Force/Police administration and defence procurement contracts have all added many more billions, by some estimates $250 billion, to the money that has fled the country. Then you can assess the truly gagging and breathtaking scale of the damage done to Malaysia.
When Najib was installed Prime Minister in 2009, he vowed that "Open Tenders" would be the letter of  the law for Government procurement contracts, a pronouncement, as Shakespeare put it, "more honoured in the breach than in the observance!" The spate of multi-billion toll highway and other dubious contracts announced and awarded by direct negotiations and with indecent haste by Najib over the last year seem to clearly suggest, as has been observed by Opposition MP's like Tony Pua, that the real reason for the delay in announcing the date for the 2013 General elections, has everything to do with PM Najib playing out his brand of pork-barrel (oops, can we say that 'p' word here) politics and crony-favored agenda. 
Under Najib too, a sitting judge was, on the eve of an important verdict, scurrilously accused by a blogger whose article was reproduced at Perkasa’s website, of being biased and homosexual. And the response from the PM, Minister for Law, Attorney General and Chief Justice? Stunning silence!
Najib surely knows that he is going to lose GE 2013 to the Opposition. He does not seem to realise that he will go down in history as the man who lost UMNO the Government and that's due his unsatisfactory and still largely unexplained link to the death of Altantuya, the perception, if not the actual reality, of a staggering increase in corruption during his tenure as Prime Minister, the failure to rein in his wife, and a woefully dismal show in taking precipitate action against Ibrahim Ali, Perkasa and Utusan for their excesses.
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