Monday 4 June 2012

UMNO sponsored Terrorism, Corruption and Political Prosecution of the Opposition!

State sponsored terrorism, state sponsored corruption and the use of any means at its disposal to achieve political objectives are but some of the legacy this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has imposed upon this Nation of ours.

Terrorist in Malaysia can be found within our own government at the Federal, State and even Municipal level all at war against the lives, freedom and property of the Rakyat!

How else would you describe the slaughter of those villagers at Memali? It is the use of terrorism by UMNO to resolve a rift with PAS by using 200 armed Policemen to kill 14 villagers because they tried to spread deviationist teachings and disrupt public order! How can these Malays disrupt public order from the remote village of Mamali in Kedah - that was never the reason for killing those Villagers. UMNO ordered the killing of these 'criminals' because they were the ideal enemy to prosecute! Defenseless, without recourse to outside assist because of the remoteness of their location and as is always the case with UMNO they ordered the massacre because they could!  

At State level in Selangor what has happened since Pakatan Rakyat  took over Government can best be described as covert terrorism by the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government to disrupt and cause maximum harassment of the elected Selangor State government of Pakatan Rakyat in its effort to govern the state. When political maneuvering fails UMNO  resorts to thuggery and intimidation of the Selangor State government and its supporters through the use of the MACC, PDRM , Rela and all Government machinery's at its disposal. 

In Perak the use of money, intimidation and outright coercion of elected opposition politicians  - (Federal sponsored corruption and intimidation of duly elected representatives of the people) - together with strong armed tactics to "persuade" the Sultan of Perak to do as told to favor UMNO's despicable attempt to take back power from a duly elected state government simply demonstrates that UMNO does not respect the election process!


Terrorism at the Municipal Level is the bane of Malaysian trying to eke out a living in the already harsh economic climate that we all live in now. These thugs in Uniforms intimidate and physically harass the poorest of the poor amongst us  - using strong armed tactics to manhandled the Rakyat and confiscate their meagre personal belongings used to earn a bare living! And these same municipal terrorists are used by UMNO against the Opposition whenever required. Religion - even Islam is not spared  if it does not serve the needs of UMNO and their cronies!


And yet this Najib led Federal Government says 

 “This means, we cannot afford to let the most important foundation of democracy, that is, the superiority of majority, be destroyed by those who want to uphold the misplaced law of the jungle by thinking that the loudest, most cunning and most violent, as the most capable and truthful.

“The use of dirty tactics to achieve political objectives will only harm the country. Let us remember that the end must never justify the means,” he said.

It is indeed a sad day for our people, and our Nation that this same Prime Minister of ours chose to ignore the superiority of the majority in Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedan and Kelantan because it does not serve the purpose of his UMNO led Barisan Nasional government. This same Najib uses dirty tactics to achieve his political objective and none more so then the use of State sponsored Terrorism that we now see on a regular basis being imposed on any opposition organized events as this comments on my blog aptly puts it:

2. UMNO/BN is using gangsters to scare PR ceramah's by throwing stones and eggs.
3. They put up their stage beside DSAI's and Nurul's or any pakatan leade's ceramah just to hurl nonsense at them, the gangster tactics.
4. Today, it was reported, Malaysiakini's optic cables were cut, i.e. sabotage the network.
5. They the UMNO linked NGO's have stopped attacking Dato Ambiga's frontyard but have shifted to Azmin's house area.
6. These UMNO financed gangsters not only harass Azmin's family but also the neighbourhood.
7. We, the rakyat are sick of these UMNO gangsters
8. I am waiting eargely for the elections to cast my VOTE AGAINST BN. They are now a gangster party.

9. The so called traders who are supposed to have suffered losses due to Bersih's activities turn out to be DATO JAMAL the govt proclaimed USHAWAN NEGARA 2010.He lied on the Malaysiakini news saying, he is a small time nasi lemak seller. When the bloggers EXPOSED him on the net, NOW HE HAS GONE INTO HIDING. It has been put on the Internet news how his Sekinchan Fish shops are closing down.   

What is apparent is that the people are no longer deceived by the overt and covert tactics used by Najib and his Barisan Nasional in their desperate bid to hold on to power. I say to the people of our Nation that the end justify the means we must use to rid ourselves of this Barisan Nasional. This will become an armed struggle between us and them -between the people and Barisan Nasional if it has not already become one! Pick up a stone and hide it in your hands - use it against this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government if it tries to harm you or your family. They will not hesitate to harm us so why should we hesitate to retaliate in kind! On to the 13th general election! ABU!         


  1. Yahoo, Hussein My Man, Bingo. Now you got it right. Now you see what the gengster regime is doing to us in Malaysia. We are being bashed with stones and eggs at our Anwar's rallies. The oppositions leaders from Parliament, especially Mr.Khalid had his car sprayed with paint, the tyres were cut and also many other participants also shared the same fate. This is the party we have that wants to go into election mode because they know very well they have been assured a win by the SPR led by UMNO members. Can you believe that!!! Yes, believe me. You can read plenty of material from all the opposition or Anwar linked blogs except Petra and the other UMNO linked blogs.
    Keep up the good work pak Hussein. If you are coming to Malaysia, forget it.

  2. "any americans hit by the bomb is a terrorist" - obama

  3. correction,

    "Obama: Anyone killed by American bombs is a 'militant'"

    Whenever the U.S. fires a missile from a drone, media outlets
    dutifully 'report' that the dead were "militants", even though
    those media outlets literally have no idea of who was actually

    They simply cite always-unnamed "officials" claiming that
    the dead were "militants."

    They 'think' that they're hiding civilian casualties by
    calling everyone a militant, but we know that it's war crimes
    and propaganda, plain and simple...


  4. "Supreme Court: No need for gov't to prove its claims with evidence"

    A recent Supreme Court ruling on the appeals of Gitmo detainees
    leaves them with no 'legal' option but to die in detention.

    By not taking any of these cases, the Supreme Court has ensured
    that the government does not need to prove their cases against the
    people they now warehouse in Guantanamo.

    Are they all innocent? No.

    Are they all guilty? Doubtful, but we'll never know.