Monday 29 April 2013

cakap cakap....HACKING into my blog!

OK lah...I am relevant again! 

Much to my annoyance I have had to change my password to my email and my blog very often these last few days! Why? Well there have been attempts to hack into my PC and disturbing interruptions to my blogging through ways and means that does annoy me and slows the work on my blog ever so slightly...that and nothing more!  

I guess those UMNO goons and UMNO cybertroopers need do some work to earn the money UMNO pays them! But being here in Melbourne there is just so much they can do. 

I no longer open ANY emails from people I do not know - even if the come from delightfully named ladies from any part of the world or from parts unknown. I do not respond to message in Facebook from any ladies with alluring come hither images of themselves plastered all over the messages they sent me in Facebook. No time for offers of fail safe business opportunities from the United Kingdom or from KL....and of course I certainly ignore all purported inheritance or funds on offer to me. Hell this week alone I have turned down almost RM15 million in start up funds and inheritence on offer to me if I could only provide them with some personal details of myself. The things I do for Pakatan Rakyat.... 

All this irritation does is invigorate me to do more work and add more vigor and vim to what I do in steadyaku47! 

By this time next week I will have more to chill and take five when Pakatan Rakat takes government....maybe? 

No I do not think so. With our media free from the shackles imposed upon them by UMNO I will have more work to do if I want to be heard for the things I have to say....but this I will do gladly for is not this what we want for our people, our country and our future? ABU!           

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