Sunday 28 April 2013

Scorpene Submarine seen off the coast of Sabah! Berita Terkini!!

A comprehensive database of credible sightings and eye witness accounts and reports is being maintained by steadyaku47  - an all volunteer network comprising of dedicated researchers, archivists and investigators in Sabah and Semanjung – to support our BN’s government effort to pantau the movements, diving and surfacing of the Scorpene Submarines.

If you have had a sighting in the waters of Sabah, Sarawak Semenanjung, or any other country, please take a moment and report it to our team at steadyaku47 HERE. The report will be kept quiet and not publish if you request it.

If permitted by you, the sighting report will be added to the main sighting database and immediately  communicated to the Government of Malaysia and thence to TLDM for whatever action they deem fit.   

Note: A number of reports have indicated that the said Scorpene Submarines have been sighted in Port Kelang where it is said that its crew were seen having Nasi Lemak at the D’Pandamaran Nasi Lemak Corner. We have not been able to verify this incident as the videos submitted were to short and often times shaky with blur images. We would prefer to have an image of the submarine itself rather than its crew!

Please remember that our ultimate goal is to confirm that the Scorpene Submarines are operational and in active service with TLDM and to dispel the hype and claims by the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat that the Scorpene Submarines cannot selam!

The dedication of our team has managed to confirm that the Scorpene Submarines have been seen of the coast of Sabah on the 26th April at 4 p.m. We provide herewith irrefutable instagram evidence of same below.

However we are unable to confirm that the said submarine would be able to selam as our team has indicated that the submarine was on the surface during all the time that it was under observation.  

Please note that we have been informed by reliable sources in PWTC that the BN posters plastered all over its hull may have something to do with the submarine not being able to dive until at least after the 5th of May. Harap maklum.    


  1. Thank you Steadyaku47 for providing evidence that my tax ringgit has been put to good use, instead of lining the deep pockets of some entrenched warlords with narry any business acumen but with silly grandiose white elephantal (or bovine, take your pick)projects.

  2. hehehehe! that tickled my funny bone, Sir.
    But on a serious note, lest we forget the souls who have died for the unscrupulous DCNS contractors and the Govt officials who eliminate obstacles for outrageous commissions.
    For a fairer Malaysia, UBAH!

  3. Scorpenes looking smaller than fishing boats??? WTF !!!!

  4. That got me energised this morning. Thank you.

  5. Captain on medical leave lah

  6. Scorpene cannot selam. They thought that an easy solution was found by just adding weight to it. Unfortunately, these not so clever BN stooges use BN posters to weight it down. When the scorpene selam under this added weight it will make BN (symbolically at least)go under water. ABU


  7. Adding weight to submerge with ahem Big doggie .No wonder he was invited on board.Now i know.

  8. BN posters plastered all over its hull may have something to do with the submarine, "COS THERE ARE HOLES IN THE HULL AND TAKING IN WATER....Ma."

  9. En najib, pls call all scorpenes to surface on 5th may.then I can consider to vote for bn. Aiyaaa, why so difficult to show.