Wednesday 24 April 2013

Why UMNO will win...the rumblings of an incoherent drunkard!

Kompang War...UMNO akan menang!

Mineral water giveaway...UMNO sudah menang!

Beras giveaway...also UMNO sudah menang!

Buntings, banner and Billboard war...UMNO menang (but some not yet pay for lah!)

Karaoke Singing contest already won! Rosmah Mansor on BN side. Her voice OK one but nobody dare to sing against she win by default...but still win lah!

This time around cry baby Mahathir will not resign from UMNO and bikin susah sama UMNO nor will he create havoc and mayhem in UMNO...son already contesting state seat in Kedah ma...can be MB some more!...but first must win election lah...not as easy as it seems!    

Ibrahim Ali will not hantam UMNO in Pasir Mas...already kautim with UMNO candidate to withdraw from contesting. So here almost as good as an UMNO win...if PAS does not!

Zulkifli Nordin is now an ardent supporter of the Indians (ini Najib sendiri sudah cakap punya!) so Indian votes secured in Shah Alam! Najib says that the action of a member of the Indian community to approach Zulkifli and kiss him on nomination day reflected the trust of the Indian community since and the picture was captured and uploaded on Facebook.

Here is proof:

steadyaku47 comment...that member from the Indian community was separated from Zul before he was able to do what he really wanted to do....notice said Indian hands already squeezing Zul's neck...a few more seconds and that Zul would be history! 

That raba raba guy from Washington hurried back to KL when he heard that the erection  his good friend Najib had been talking about was finally took Najib a while to explain to JJ that there is no erection, just an election. JJ was disappointed but since he was already back....he could still look around his usual hunting grounds in KL and see if an erection was still required of him....none was found in Rompin!

Najib and Rosmah are already in Seri Perdana.Even if he was prepared to leave when Pakatan Rakyat takes government, Rosmah will not leave as she insists that anyone who has physical control of Seri Perdana is clearly at an advantage should the rightful ownership of Seri Perdana ever be subject to any challenge from whoever was going to be PM...and you have to agree that she has a point here...lawyers please comment.

UMMNO is certain that organized greed will always defeat a disorganized Pakatan Rakyat. Agreed...that is if Pakatan Rakyat is disorganized! Last confirmed reports and sightings indicates that there are more Rakyats at PR ceramahs than at BN ceramahs. So how? 

“In a democracy, someone who fails to get elected to office can always console himself with the thought that there was something not quite fair about it.” All members of the UMNO led BN have been briefed about this latest rationale adopted by Najib and are busying themselves composing reasons as to why the elections that BN lost was unfair. 

UMNO have all their bases covered! They have their enemies - PAKATAN RAKYAT - in their sight!

Can somebody please tell UMNO that when they have their enemies in their sight so will their enemies have UMNO in their sight!  


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