Monday 29 April 2013

ZORRO UNMASKED. Let us Pray....

I woke up this morning with the same thoughts that I had in going to sleep last night…of Saudara Benard. That undefeatable, irresistible, stubborn but somewhat likable old warrior who has the audacity to call himself  ZORRO UNMASKED. Aiyah Bernard steadylah…at our age how to be as swashbuckling as Zorro?  

Our Saudara will have surgery today…so Lilian tells me. Let us pray that he will be well….let us pray that the good Lord will see fit to unleash him again amongst those that seek to create mayhem and havoc amongst our people soon...very very soon!  And dear Lord, keep him away from friends that do him no good….you Lord, me and friends of Saudara Bernard knows who they are! 

Amen! ABU! ABU! ABU!  


  1. Ah, so Zorro has gone ahead with his scheduled op? He was trying to convince his docs to postpone it to post-GE.
    Wishing you a successful op and and a speedy recovery, Zorro!

    P.s. more candidates for your famous fart chamber real soon!!

  2. Get well soon!All your efforts will not be in vain, very very soon.

  3. Sorry to hear you may sit out this GE13 but your health come first! Just take it eazy and let your family and friends pamper you!
    Age does creep up to us.. so kep the meds chest near and listen to what your surgeon advise!
    Leave the GE affairs in healthier minds and fingers! For me, its time to take a well earned Sabbatical!
    In God we trust, GET WELL SOON! Will give a bouquet of Prayers!
    All the best, Sir, from Shakirin!