Tuesday 30 April 2013

Scorpene Submarines sighted again!

Further to our posting "Scorpene Submarine seen off the coast of Sabah dated April 28 
2013 we have receive today, 30th April 2013 at 1030 hours, the above image of what  
is claimed to be one of the Scorpene submarines. We have still to verify that the said image submitted is in fact that of the said Scorpene submarines - though we think it is bloody unlikely as we have been reliably informed by TLDM that all their Submarines are either on the sea off the coast of Sabah, or in the sea off the coast of Sabah but certainly not out of the sea on the coast of Sabah!      

We take this opportunity to inform the public that we will not be party to any mischevious attempts by Pakatan Rakayat to make political capital of our efforts to assist the Malaysian Government in tracking the whereabouts of these submarines because  the UMNO led BN government are themselves unable to pin point the exact locations of these submarines!  

We regret the attempts made by certain parties to alter, airbrush, retouched and photoshop images to confuse the public as to the whereabouts of these submarines. Let us remind you that such acts may fall under The Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (MalayAkta Kesalahan Keselamatan (Langkah-Langkah Khas) 2012) which is designed "to provide for special measures relating to security offences for the purpose of maintaining public order and security and for connected matters"....same as ISA ma!

In the interest of educating the public to distinguish between what are genuine images and what images have been retouched or are 'photoshop' images  we publish herewith some before and after images. 



  1. HH,

    I prefer the fat lady in pink on the left picture which was what she looked like 20 years ago. She now looks twice as ugly and double the size

  2. The fat ugly lady on the left is at least natural and the beautiful lady on the right is only artificial.

    Artificially beautiful and naturally ugly.

  3. Artificial and uglier after 20 yrs you mean.
    shoot the cosmetic surgeon!