Tuesday 16 April 2013

cakap cakap...steady as she goes!

 Pakatan Rakyat is a work in progress. A democracy evolving! Agree! Over the weekend and even up to last night, I have been going back through my postings in steadyaku47 reading what I have writ and the comments posted by our friends…and I use the term friends quite loosely because those friends ‘hantam’ me left right and centre whenever they think I deserve to be ‘hantam’. I did go through a stage when I started to ‘manage’ the comments but I gave up because it took away the ‘oomph’ and the essence of this blog.

What I am trying to do is to make you guys think and question the state of things around you – be it current affairs, life or, for most of the time, politics. You read me and you read others that write of the same things and then you decide.

But there are certain things, which for the moment, is sacrament! For me, for now, that has to be our focus and our priority  - and that is  getting rid of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional.

In going through this blog I came across these comments over the years from our friends which I wanted to share with you as I find them interesting and relevant to the times we are now in. So here goes…and you know who you are even if you sign off as ‘anon!’ here goes:       

Jamal said...

UMNO-BN has on its side, federal government machinery, a hugh war-chest plus the national treasury, main-stream media etc etc. On top of that the EC is being used by them for gerrymandering and electoral fraud. 

PR is facing an uphill task but we who believe in ABU will work hard to give it a fighting chance.

Those who have followed your blog, looked upon you as an ABU guy. We get our daily fixes by reading blogs like yours.

So when you start to wobble and spin; it was a big disappointment to many of us.

RPK has shown his true colours and we have ditched him. We would not hesitate to do likewise to you. If you declared yourself as an ABU advocate, please support all the way. If not, kindly remove the ABU logo from your blog because it is misleading. We do not want another RPK Trojan slimeball among us.

Support all the way and don't try to plant seeds of doubt in your readers. Once ABU objective has been achieved with UMNO-BN brought down, then you can hentam the PR federal government by being the check and balance. I would gladly join you.

But before that, please do not wash dirty laundry in public. This fight is a close call, whether you want to believe it or not. In public, support ABU and PR faithfully as a good man will stand by his wife, warts and all. Comprende mate ?

malchindian said...
Yes, insults seem to go with the territory but it doesn't have to be. You stomach the rude comments well, HH. Hats off to you for taking it in your stride! 

What I find telling when reading various blogs is:
1) the command of English (or lack there of) in which Malaysians attempt to communicate 
2) the inability to process and comprehend the gist or "meat" of the articles at first read.
3) accountability and ownership of comments

We are all the products of the great Malaysian education system. You can judge from the comments what vintage the writers hail from. You can identify those who hail from the TAR era, the Anwar (as MoE) era and the Mahathir era. 

I am not criticising the many Anons who comment. In fact I laud you for making the effort to speak up. I am criticising the system that failed to make you more competent and confident in languages and in thought. 
I am criticising the system that spoon fed you, lulling you into umno "yes" rakyat. 
I am also criticising the system that has taught our young to forget how to show civility and respect to their elders.

That is why I want ABU.

Our young minds are deteriorating under this regime and we have to stop it.

We are becoming emotionally charged and edgy over every new article HH and RPK turn out as we close in on the GE.

Stop and take a deep breath before proceeding.....
Read the articles twice, three times. There is no shame in not understanding the articles or tangent taken by the writers. If you are still unclear of the meaning/message in the article, read and learn to analyse the comments of seasoned commentators first. Commentators speak up to dissect or illustrate or elaborate or provide additional facts so that the article is understood by a wider audience. This is part of learning to think and write critically. Everyone goes through this stages of learning. 

Ownership and accountability of our comments.

Beware of the internet! Whatever said in haste is recorded for life and cannot be erased (unlike immigration records). 

Let us make the effort not to be like umno soldiers in thought and behaviour and action.


Apadah jadi ni?

Kena faham Sun Zhu Art of War dulu.

Get rid of ABU first and let PR helms Putrajaya.

After that baru jadi watch dog yang bagus.

Mana ada parti yang sempurna 100%? So, let us not lose focus on the objectives.

Asyik kutuk PR sekarang, mana boleh jadi?

Anonymous said...

Dengan apa yang telah berlaku didalam negara ini yang mana pemimpin parti yang memerintah dipenuhi perasuah tegar, penyelewangan dan salahguna kuasa maka eloklah disingkirkan mereka dari terus berkuasa.

Menyokong Anwar tidak bererti menyokong membabibuta. Setakat ini only Anwar yang tahu apa nak buat jika berkuasa kelak. Tentunya selepas itu akan ada pelapis untuk meneruskan agenda pemerintahan yang benar-benar lebih Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah.

Anonymous said...
Salam tuan,

Setiap insan itu akan ada keburukan dan kelemahan masing-masing di masa lampau. Itu cerita lama.

Proses hidup yang dilalui Anwar amat dahsyat yang tidak pernah dilalui oleh mana-mana manusia selain Mandela. Dihina, dipukul, difitnah seisi keluarga. Saya percaya Anwar belajar banyak perkara dalam hidupnya. Berikan beliau peluang untuk memperbetulkan keadaan negara yang hampir musnah. Berikan peluang.. jika gagal, maka rakyat tahu apa nak buat..selepas itu.

AL said...
Hi En Hussein,
My apologise to you if you think I had whacked you. In fact your article didn't seem like you had hamtum me/us at all.I thought it was interesting and you were just expressing your thoughts.

What my friends and I usually does is firstly, we would print out interesting articles/news from the internet and with the permission of the coffee shop proprietors we would pass the printed articles to their customers.

Secondly, we would take photos of dirty clogged drains, dirty environment, dangerous pot holes etc etc etc still unattended to for years.Then after showing these photos to other casual friends, neighbours and whoever we meet on the street, we would assure them that all these will be corrected once Pakatan Rakyat forms the next new young Federal Government or at least the new State Government(N.S.) for that matter. We the Rakyat will make sure that we will be heard this time.

Besides that, when we chat with people we also show them Opposition newpapers so that they will be aware of the work of Opposition Aduns and MP. Perhaps to some people those are simple problems which I had just mentioned above, but actually those simple problems are the problems voters always remembers and grumbles about just before they cast their votes. Ok just to name a few..My apologise once again En Hussein :-)

Anonymous said...
For a fairly substantial number of the urbanites who had been voting opposition ever since, the tsunami of 2008 is quite the defining moment to them.
They are even willing to embrace PAS although a theocracy state is totally anathematic to them. Just for the sake of having a winning chance to bring down the corrupt-to-the-core UMNO/BN, they put their trust in PAS' coalition partners to ensure that PAS will not later swing to the extreme right.

However, even as early as 4 years back, certain 'developments' in PKR (especially) have given rise to great unease. Their suspicion that all is not well with and within PKR has unfortunately increased with time and culminated with the coming GE and PKR's defacto leader's fallout with many of his one-time allies and even the influencial blogger RPK. 

It is quite misleading to assume that RPK with his influencial writing is leading the pack and that these disaffected are marching to his drum beat. 

As can be gleaned from RPK's writing lately, he HAD been keeping mum on some of the PKR's (and some of PAS') darkest secrets and it is only NOW that when there's a falling out that all the skeletons come tumbling out. 

But to those on the ground who had been all this while genuinely wanting a credible government to lead the country away from its seemingly destructive path to ruin lead by Umno and its cohorts, it is most disconcerting to find criticism levelled at them for NOT following 'the true spirit of ABU'.

When a leader who is supposed to be the embodiment of REFORMASI, who lives, eats and breathes Democracy, Transparency, Accountablility, Equal 'demonstrated' so VOCALLY by that leader himself on all the ceramahs and every interviews here and internationally, it behoves upon him to walk the talk. But disappointedly, time and time again he fails to walk the talk. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

So in the spirit of true ABU, the rakyat must speak up, must point out, so that we don't make the very same mistake we made with BN/Umno....when we let them grow into the monster it is now we cannot control. And please don't come back with that drivel about 'better a smaller evil than a bigger evil' etc etc...this is nonsensical and not in the least helpful. 

So let's not be like the 3 Monkies...hear,see and speak no evil. It would be to our detriment if we still continue to act this way - 50 years acting this way is more than enough.

PR should strengthen their own coalition and put up good and credible leaders. This GE13 should hopefully see them denying BN the two thirds majority and thereafter, after the GE, they should clean house THOROUGHLY. This country is too precious to just allow the GE be just an opportunity for those who lusts after power, extreme wealth and exacting personal vendattas to achieve their own personal goals.

Anonymous said...
Heheheh....see the response from these Anwar/PKR hardcore ! Absolutely no difference from the spews pouring out from the other side of the divide except for the appropriate name/s change. 

Well, you hardcores are not my target audience preference is for the sane, the rational, the non-fanatical, the non-hypocritical, and those who genuinely believes in upright and clean leaders who speaks and act out what he/she preaches.

Thankfully, there are still such people around in good ole Malaysia....the so-called fence sitters whom these 30% fanatical hardcores from BOTH sides think are 'easy meat' for them to manipulate. Jangan harap la....heheheh.

Anonymous said...
I agree with you Anon 12:15. I too can understand how they feel because I happen to one of those pained by what RPK is doing. 

During the free Anwar campaign.. my friends and I helped out by donating whatever we could afford. We went for rallies..Was inflicted by tear gas, running around, chased by FRU like criminals...We guys just couldnt tolerate the atrocities, the misuse of power by the Barisan-UMNO bastards anymore.

It wasnt that we're besotted with Anwar but what happened to him was an eye opener and opened the Pandoras box. Suddenly we could see how corrupt this Barisan government is, the misuse of the judiciary was being used at Mahathirs disposal etc....

We are putting in whatever effort we can at the grassroot level, helping out at PRs ceramah as volunteers.. trying our very best to help PR oust Barisan-UMNO regime...AND what RPK is doing feels like a stab in the chest for us....

We are just normal wage earner, we dont have the luxury of being a blogger who have the time to sit...drink...dreaming whatever idealism one can dream of.... All we can do is whatever time we can get off from our daily responsibilites we try to help make the malaysian dream come true!

Of course we become angry with bloggers like RPK.

We see it as backstabbing and unravelling the efforts of thousands of Malaysians!

Anonymous said...
Now now, Anon 11:48 PM

Keep your cool la....ko ni, sebiji macam Umno cybertrooper, heheheh. They too are very fond of mangamuk-ing, just lashing je, but substance tu kosong....why not counter on the content instead of name calling eh? 

Tak hairan la....sama je ngan Umno tu. Dah la tu....learn some manners and keep cool ya. Kalau tidak, buat malu je for your gang2 tu.

muda said...
Pak Sein, Please live up to your staedyaku47 title. I was a regular at your articles and had a lot of praise for you. Whenever we sat down to discuss, your writings were always one of the main topics of discussion.
Suddenly all these have changed. We have sat back late hours talking and talking and discussing. Sadly, we reached a stage to say that we got to abandon you and classified you as 'lost case'.All these started when you were seen as being an RPK stooge. To our assessment,you were writing based on RPK the spinner's columns. Since RPK has been seen as a 'gone case', no matter which way you look at it,RPK is a sinner and those in his shoes are either there or heading there. But in your case, we guess you still have a certain percentage of loyalty to pakatan but were swayed by RPK the spinner. If RPK can make a sworn affidavit claiming that Rosmah was at the scene of murder and in some of his other articles relate the affidavit to his other writings. Then a day came when he made a U turn and took everybody for a huge surprise by claiming that he didn't say so but his affidavit was based on his source's information. In any case, RPK has lost his integrity. He is SEEN TO BE DOING DAMAGE to not only pakatan but now is attacking DSAI. why?? Whats his hidden ajenda. Is UMNO paying for his overstay in London.
We all hope that you would not allow this RPK fellow to mislead you. We only have pakatan to look for so please don't destroy our ONLY HOPE.


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  2. I read a lot of comments from warped minds here. A lot based of hearsay and what was propagated by both sides of cyber-troopers.

    I wont even give them any attention nor even allow them to influence me with their inferior mindset.

    Who are they to tell me that I must be with them? I decide what I do to topple this government. Must I follow their way? You cant respect that and expect others to respect you. Hello! go fly kite somewhere else.

    Sad to say that the ABU leader has taken the same route and what came out from there are all his rude mindless followers.

  3. HH, you may want to check out what's happening in the old neighbourhood