Friday 12 April 2013

Mahathir leave our TUNKU in peace. Pray that others will do the same to you when you go!

Today in his blog Che Det, Mahathir writes:

1. Kit Siang is going to contest in Gelang Patah.
2. Why Gelang Patah?
3. Obviously it is because Gelang Patah has a Chinese
4. Obviously Kit Siang is going to play on Chinese

For once this Old Man has come up with an astute observation. After all figuring out why a Chinese will want to stand for election in a Chinese area is not exactly rocket science…betul tak? 

If UMNO has not played on Malay sentiments in the last half a century the following would never have happened:

·      Mahthir's children would not have got insanely wealthy.
·      Mahathir and all those in UMNO would not have been able to use cronyism, nepotism and money politics to enrich UMNO Malays and their cronies on the excuse of advancing Ketuanan Melayu by playing on Malay sentiments! Nak bikin Melayu kaya konon! Huh….yang kaya anak sendiri!
·      UMNO would not have been able to plunder and pillage Malaysia since Merdeka at will!

And would not our nation have been the better for it? 

And now Mahathir talks about Lim Kit Siang using Chinese sentiments in order that Pakatan Rakyat can take Gelang Patah? I say this to Lim Kit Siang…..Sir you have our permission to use any sentiments you need to win in Gelang Patah! We will understand if all the Chinese in Gelang Patah vote for DAP! We will understand if Malay and Indian sentiments say enough of UMNO!

Mahathir also wrote:

5. Johore has been an Alliance/Barisan Nasional stronghold ever since independence. The three races there have been supporting each other in elections. They do not have strong racist feelings.

If Barisan Nasiional have done its work well in Gelang Patah, as Alfred Neuman said, “WHAT’S ME WORRY?” Or are you worried because BN have not done it’s work in Johor or in any part of Malaysia? Aisehman Old Man if you worry about an old DAP Chinese politician being able to sailang UMNO in one of it’s bastion/stronghold…what does it say about Barisan Nasional? Huh!

The truth is this – in every nook and corner that UMNO and BN claims to have as their stronghold or fixed deposit – you know that all it would take to shatter that hold is just a tap with a hammer and UMNO and BN hold over that area will shatter into a thousand pieces…and Pakatan Rakyat is that hammer!   

And what kind of hammer is Pakatan Rakyat? A sledge hammer!

And Mahathir says that Malaysia belongs to all Malaysian? Sir are you not Advisor to Perkasa? And what is Perkasa?

Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia or Perkasa is a non-governmental Malay Supremacy organization.  This conservative, extreme-right ethnic Malays organisation is led by its president Ibrahim Ali, with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, as advisor. 

Perkasa has recently become infamous for its racial and religious provocations against non-Malays, especially Chinese and Indians; and non-Muslims, especially Christians through vocal, physical and violent means.It has been branded a fascist organisation

I rest my case!

Mahathir then invokes the name of TUNKU. My TUNKU, Your TUNKU but certainly not Mahathir’s TUNKU!

8. The PAP intended to get the Chinese not to co-operate with the Malays, to end the Sino-Malay “ kongsi” of the Tunku in the Alliance Party.

Time and time again this Mahathir have use TUNKU’s name to suit his own sordid political purposes. Recently he said this of the TUNKU:

 “One should also look back and remember that Tunku Abdul Rahman was worse than me, he gave one million citizenships to people who are not qualified and not even tested?”

Now you are telling us that Lim Kit Siang wants to end the Sino-Malay kongsi that TUNKU forged?

You, Mahthir Mohamad, of all people have been responsible for the break up…nay the shattering into a thousand pieces of this Sino-Malay kongsi that you talk about. Shattered by your acts, deeds and policies during your time in office as Prime Minister and even by what you do now – and we despair if that kongsi can ever be forged again!

So do not use the TUNKU’s name in vain. Leave the TUNKU in peace. The Man has been dead for nearly a quarter of a century and you sully his name every time you mention him. Cukup lah Mahathhir…

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum (“Of the dead, nothing unless good.”)

Leave TUNKU in peace and pray that others will do the same to you when you go!


  1. No need to wait for him to go. People have seen through him, helped no doubt by his own vicious babbling. Besides the entrenched corruption he started, he is insistent on leaving a legacy of hate to destroy the nation.

  2. Excellent response to an evil old man. Let us forget him, he should be in jail as a criminal

  3. For a moment I am dame mad over this half Malay forget about him as an Indian half. Now we may have him to
    blow his top off and made silly statements let the raykat come and understand this old goat has an agenda now openly known that he is
    afraid only for all the sins that he
    had done. He can arranged with Satan on the after life but not the next PR government. HE WILL HAVE TO FACE THE RAYKAT. ALLAH MAY NOT HAVE MERCY SHOULD HE NOT KEEP HIS MOUTH SHLUT.

  4. He leave Tunku in peace becos he got what he wanted and leave Tunku in shame and $$$less.

    He can leave in peace with billions to the grave.

    Man of many faces who triumps in the Land of gullible.


  5. I wonder how Marina can stand this gila old man? And can you imagine, he was our PM for 22 years. It's a pity really that he has gone down to the level of Ibrahim Ali.

  6. I won't be surprised if his own clique turns against him if BN loses GE13. Once dictators lose their grip on power, their own supporters turn cannibalistic overnight.
    I will not expect TDM to survive too long if Pakatan wins. He will be too ashamed to face court.
    Mubarack, Mdm Jiang Qing and her gang of 4, Serbian warlords such as Radovan Karadzic all faced total humiliation before the Courts once they were ousted. Marcos and Sukarno also come to mind.
    Most interesting days ahead.

  7. Brutally frank summary of the self appointed g*d. Fortunately he is BN's primary archille's heel. Keep aiming at that soft piece of tendon, Sir. Others will follow suit. God helps those who help themselves. So let the thinking work in unison.
    Ini kali lah!

  8. Mahathir has condemned himself !!!!!!

  9. no worries. dogs will be bred to urinate and shit at his grave after his death.
    but no worries for his ancestors. he has none coz I dont find his KUTTY surname.

  10. The likes of Mahathir eg Chandra Muzaffa, Tunku Aziz even RPK, what triggered their 'about-turn' for need to stoop to such lows, frothing filth and spewing out putrid poison to create animosity on a daily affair?

    Sometimes, there are things best left unsaid but for these obtrusive characters, what they have done is suspicious and evil, blurs human decency and expose their deep bitterness. What is it that they hate in themselves to come to this?