Monday 29 April 2013

BERAHIM BEROK: Dr Mahathir wants to go against the wishes of Umno. Apa disciplinary committee kata?

Dr M praises Che Johan, ready to defend ‘hero’ against Umno
By Zurairi AR

PASIR MAS, April 28 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad praised Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Che Johan Che Pa today, after the Pasir Mas candidate refused to contest in order to give way to Datuk Ibrahim Ali.
The former BN chairman hailed Che Johan’s action on Nomination Day as a sacrifice for the good of the coalition, which left independent candidate Ibrahim free to fight PAS’ Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz in a straight fight.
“In any struggle, sacrifice is necessary ... Not only has Che Johan sacrificed himself, now he is being tortured instead,” said Dr Mahathir here, referring to the impending disciplinary action by Umno against Che Johan.
This is unfair ... If the disciplinary board wishes to prosecute him, then I will be his defence lawyer.”
Dr Mahathir was received by close to a thousand supporters, mostly made up of older citizens, who braved the glaring noon sun at Che Johan’s house.
Che Johan was once again given a hero’s salute, as the crowd chanted “Johan wira” (Johan the hero) among other chants like “Kelantan tukar” (Change Kelantan) and “Bunga raya” (Hibiscus) which refers to Ibrahim’s logo in the polls.
The Pasir Mas Umno division deputy chief claimed that his refusal to contest was spurred by Dr Mahathir’s insistence that BN field Ibrahim for Election 2013.
“I considered Tun’s advice, so I withdrew just to keep our beloved Tun’s dignity and integrity intact.

Comment by Azam64A
The above took place at Che Johan's house which is only about 300 metres from my clinic. Dr Mahathir wants to go against the wishes of Umno. Apa disciplinary committee kata? Umno dah becah belah
Ibrahim Ali is spending money like water, distributing RM100 to everybody who cares to receive. Banyak betul duit dia. Buleh kah dia menang, tak mungkin, setakat dapat balik wang pertarongan tu buleh.
In this GE, for the first time govt servants and GLCs are openly voicing support for PR. Sitting in my clinic, I can hear such. A Petronas staff from Kerteh says 90% of them support PR. He was asked kenapa lori petronas nampak serupa kereta berhias, dengan bendera dan kain hijau bergambar bulan dan mata, dia kata boss2 petronas suruh kempen. Royalty payment is a hot issue, petronas staff are asking the people to fight for it with their votes. Bila ditanya tidak kah Tun M sebagai special advisor dan org besar dlm petronas akan marah - jawabnya Tun M yg lantik dirinya sendiri bukan petronas.
For other govt depts and GLCs the story is about the same.
azam 64A

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  1. Folks, please give your votes to Pas. Better still, if can make this toad loses his deposit it will be a slap on the face of this gila old man. You think these fellas really have any concern of the welfare of the Malays in their hearts? It is their political survival and their pockets they are more concerned about. Give them another 5 years to rule, Malaysia will be sucked dry by these leeches.