Wednesday 17 April 2013

NURUL TAKES ON NONG CHIK...Score: Nurul satu, Nong Chik kosong!

Siapa cakap Nurul Izzah is not ready? 
Watch as she takes on Raja Nong Chik in Parliament.
Syabas Nurul you more than hold your sailang sama dia! 
And we still await that Debate that Nong Chik has invited Nurul to have with him! 
Bila ajaknya RNC nak debat?  


  1. How come such a goon can become a minister. Its mind boggling.

  2. Thats my PM in the making, Nurul Izzah!

  3. Real stupid Minister. Didnt he hear what his boss Najib said abt the RM500/- BRIM. Najid said that is a lot of money and it is a big help to the poor and since it is given only once every yr, that equates to approx RM40 plus p.m. While Najib said RM40 pm is BIG, this dumbo said RM80, which is twice the BRIM amt, is SMALL and it makes very little diff. It is either Raja Nong Chik is TOO STUPID or BOTH he and Najib are stupid. NONG RHYMES WITH TONGGONG.