Thursday 9 July 2015

Din Merican on Najib Razak

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Najib Razak :Our smartest, noblest and most altruistic and ethical Prime Minister

COMMENT: I have said enough, at least for the time being, about the Najib-WSJ affair. I am coming around to thinking that out of 6 Prime Ministers since Independence in 1957, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak is our smartest, noblest, most altruistic and ethical Prime Minister. 

I should feel sorry that he has to go through this ordeal for political and personal problems of his own making. Let us all pray that he survives this stressful period of his long political career  and continues to remain in office. I am appealing to the Special Task Force comprising the dominant Attorney-General, the Twitter champion Inspector-General of Police, the Ringgit wrecker Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia and the Smooth Talking MACC Chief Commissioner to clear Najib’s name. Just be creative and innovative in seeking an end to this controversy. Our Prime Minister deserves a second chance (and more chances if necessary) to get on with the job. He has only been 6 years on the job. Tun Dr. Mahathir had 22+ years in office to do things his way.

Personally (and I do  not know about my fellow Malaysians), I need Najib to be around to take our country down the road of Greece and destroy UMNO as well. Only then UMNO leaders and their fawning and hand kissing grassroots members realise that they deserve the leader they chose. More goodies are coming your way, folks, until there is no more money left in the Treasury to pilfer and squander away. Rakyat DiDahulukan, Prestasi diUtamakan dan Malaysia DiBinasakan.–Din Merican

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