Friday 10 July 2015

Berita Daily : How many of you have lost hope?

Berita Daily

Who is conspiring with the politicians to make our life a living hell, to make our country a pariah amongst nations? It is us

Hussein Hamid

How of many of you have lost hope? Lost hope that we will again have leaders to trust.

Lost hope that there will be men and women of courage and integrity who will take upon themselves the incalculable task of making right what is wrong with our country?

Lost hope with bad governance, corruption and vulture politics that make ordinary men and women into demigods of the worst kind, whose ostentatious and insanely decadent lifestyles can only be sustained if they have political power.

How many of you think that all that is happening in our country today - the economic and politically chaos is no accident.

That it has been the deliberate effort by a prime minister who would not stop at anything to hold on to power - because the abyss he has dug himself into requires only a political solution to resolve.

Any other solution would definitely find that Najib Razak, as prime minister of Malaysia, is guilty of the use and abuse of his executive power for personal gain.

And part of this abuse involved the abandonment of what our people have held sacred and precious from time immemorial - racial and religious tolerance.

Its abandonment has been the deliberate handwork of politicians for whom the ends of holding on to political power justifies all means: even the use of race and religion to divide and rule the people!

How is all this possible when we are many and the politicians are few?

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