Saturday 4 July 2015

Quickies : 1MDB : Nang Boti Nang Kui Boti Kui!

When the lunar module "Eagle" from Apollo 11 touched down on the moon in 1969, the astronauts aboard radioed Houston with the message that they had safely landed on the moon. "Houston. Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed."
And after flying high into the rarefied atmosphere of high finance, through clouds of massive financial fraud and swirling stratosphere of lies and scams, Malaysia's own 1MDB Eagle has finally landed. Unfortunately for Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak (the man now more known by many as the husband of Rosmah Mansor than as Prime Minister of Malaysia) the 1MDB Eagle has Landed on his head!

The Wall Street Journal tells us that their investigation of 1MDB's money trail showed that USD$700 million of 1MDB's money have been deposited into the personal bank accounts of Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Tun Razak.

The first comment from a Malaysian "government spokesmen" tells us “The prime minister has not taken any funds for personal use” - not a denial that money from 1MDB was deposited into Datuk Seri's Najib's own personal account but merely a clarification any money from 1MDB that was deposited into Najib's personal account was not "for his personal use".

Nang boti nang kui boti kui!

Nothing I say can be do justice to where 1MDB is heading after this landing on Najib's head....let Donald Rumsfield do the honors! Enough Said.



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