Tuesday 14 July 2015

Hate and Low Yat.

What happened at Low Yat - no matter what the authorities are saying, is simply this : Malaysians are on tenterhooks. All that it takes to ignite the rage within them is a spark - any spark  : once lit, all hell will break loose because the tension amongst many Malaysians is intense as to be almost tangible and able to be felt. And what are Malaysian enraged about?


If you are someone in Pemuda Umno you know the Chinese to be bastards who needs to be taught a lesson as to whom are really the Tuans of Malaysia.

If you are a young Chinese who understands what Ketuanan Melayu is doing to you and other Chinese then you will only have hatred and contempt for Umno in particular and the Malays in general.

If you live near a Mosque you will have had your fill of the Azam being blared in your face five times day.

If you are a taxi driver - does not matter if you are a Malay, Chinese or will have your gut full of the way those traffic police from PDRM treats you as their personal ATM's.

If you have already attended one of those "indoctrination" courses conducted by BTN your dislike bordering on hate for the other races will be focused on how you can best put the Malay race ahead of everyone else!

If you are from ISMA you see a threat to Islam behind every non - Muslim.

If you are with Perkasa then your favorite whipping race is of course the Chinese. 

If you are Zahid Hamidi you are angry that people question how you can afford to wear watches that costs in the hundreds of thousands of ringgits - angry because do they not know that you were once a corporate figure dabbling in high finance?

Mahatir is angry because his crooked bridge was not done by Pak Lah and Najib.

Pak Lah is angry because Mahathir kicked him out as Prime Minister.

Even Najib is angry because people blamed him for the death of Altantuya and 1MDB ...amongst other things!

The Sultans are angry because they do not get respect from Umno politicians.

And then there is hate.

There are Malays who hate the Chinese. Chinese who hate Malays. In every race there are haters of anyone else who are of another race. The reasons for their hate and rage are many and there is no rhyme or reason for their hatred. You can say that there are many Chinese who are fed up of the way the BN government is treating them. You can say that there are Malays who have always had an axe to grind against the Chinese because they think that the Chinese have been taking advantage of the good nature of the Malays. Then there are the Indians who fells that they have been getting the wrong end of the stick from both the Malays and the Chinese...and everybody else. Throw in the bigots and those who think that life owes them a living....and what do you have? A boiling pot of hot oil just about to overflow onto any one close enough to be splashed as the hot oil overflows. And that hot oil is the hate and rage within many many Malaysian for what they perceived to be wrongs done against themselves, their race, their religion and anything else they may care to care for.  

That is the situation in our country today.

Is this hate only in Malaysians?

No....the Americans hate the blacks.

The Whites in UK hate the blacks.

In Russia, France and even China there is hate within the hearts of the people there - hate directed towards others for many many reasons. The politicians knows this and politicians all over the world use these hate to their own advantage.

Thus it is so in Malaysia. Politicians do not try and check, manage or dissipate these hate. Whether it is amongst the Chinese, Indians or the Malays these politicians have made the instigation of these hate against others into a fine art for their political advantage.

Umno is able to tune in and tune out the hate amongst the Malays for the others into a threat that they can and will use against the other races whenever they need to do so. Remember May 13th? That was the Malay hate for the Chinese used by Umno to make the Chinese understand to behave.

Despite the protestation by Najib and PDRM that this Low Yat incident is not a racial incident, you and I know better. It is the politicians and the police who have allowed these things to happen because in the past when racially incited incident have occurred they have not only been ignored by the authorities but have been incited by the politicians themselves.

Whether it is the cow head incident of Shah Alam or the demonstrations against the DAP, the Jawi against Borders book debacle, the bullying of Karpal Sigh in front of Parliament or the brandishing of the Keris by Hishmauddin.....all were politically motivated incidents meant to strike fear into the hearts of the other races by the Malay politicians while the powers that be within Malaysia not only looked away but even encouraged it. 

They have done so once too often and now incidents like the one which happened at Low Yat a few days back is merely the manifestation of what Umno politicians have turned a blind eye to because it is politically advantageous for them to do so. The act of selling a fake phone as an original or the stealing of a mobile phone are merely the spark needed to ignite that spark of racial hatred...and when sparked even the powers that be cannot extinguish it.

Mark my words....the next spark that ignites this latent racial hatred that boils just beneath the surface of many Malaysian against other races may prove to be the straw that will break the camel's back....and will do to racial harmony what May 13 did to all of us in 1969. We will all suffer the consequences of these racial strife but not the politicians. Racial strife is a risk that these politicians will take because the opportunity that comes with it is - namely political power -  for these bloody politicians, are worth it....damm the Rakyats!

Umno make that UMNO wants that after the next major racial riots they will emerge again as they did in 1969 - in control and totally dominating politically for another five decades. God help us all for the politicians will not!

For as God is my witness if what it takes for these politicians to have power is to get us all to go for each other's  throat...that they will do to us in the blink of an the beat of a heartbeat....and this time and time again throughout history we have seen politicians do to their own people for to these politicians the end justifies the means.

And why do these things happen in Malaysia?

It happens because all the checks and balances that prevents these type of things from happenings does not exists, are ineffective or have been removed by the authorities.

Consider these truths in Malaysia. PDRM is a running dog of their political masters. The judiciary does the bidding of Umno.  All the government authorities jumps hoops to do what the government wants them to do. So what recourse do you have when there is injustice? None. If you are sold non original items a an original, do sub standard work in tenders, cheat the government when selling them goods...all these things when done...there is no check and balance to really punish the guilty ones  - and it is so because that is the way these politicians wants it to be so that they themselves can get away with even murder!

If there have been check and balances Mahathir would not have been PM for 22 years. He would have been kicked out at the first sign of his megalomaniac ways. At least one Sultan from Johor would be hanged for a murder or two. Rosmah would not be using the government jet for any reason at all! Altantuya would still be alive, Anwar Ibrahim would have the case against him for sodomy kicked out a long time ago - even if he was guilty of sodomy - that is just the way justice sometimes work. There will not be the NFC scandal, no 1MDB. There will be no racial strife. because with checks and balances we all get a fair deal and nobody - not even the prime minister can get away with doing anything wrong, evil or illegal.

A country without effective checks and balances is doomed. It will go the way of those tin pot alley African nations whose leaders use the national coffers as their own personal ATM's. That was the way that Indonesia and Philippines almost went but at the brink of ruin their people got together and said no to their corrupt leaders and turned towards demanding that their politicians are brought to justice for wrong done in the name of government. It is still a work in progress but they have turned the corner towards responsible government.

What about Malaysia then?

Umno that has dominated politics for all of our time as an independent nation have totally dismantled these checks and balances because it is politically expedient for them to do so. The police, the judiciary, the anti corruption authorities the election commissions, every government functionaries are all at their back and call and Umno is not reticent about using these authorities to advantage themselves. And so we have government ministers threatening to arrest and teach so called "errant" reporters a lesson if they do not "report" in favor of the government. We have the prime minister being able to do what he wants with the earnings of Petronas without anyone knowing about it....and the list of abuse and use of government by the politicians goes on and on. And we have anybody who is against this corrupt and arrogant Umno led government prosecuted and persecuted to the hearts contents of these Umno politicians!

Everything that the Umno politicians wants to do they can do and they can get away with it.

So do not be fooled. 

Politicians want Low Yat to happen. They want 1MDB to happen. They want that Mara buying of that inflated property in Melbourne to happen. And when they let it happen there is nothing we can do about it...nothing!

So do not blame the Malays for what happened at Low Yat. Nor should you blame the Chinese. It is the politicians that are to be blamed.    

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