Tuesday 14 July 2015

My Wife at St Vincent.

Today for only the second time in our life, my wife was admitted ....into St Vincent Hospital. I was told last week by the visiting Nurse that that was the proper thing to do if she is going to get better. The Nurses have been coming over to our place for the last one week to treat her bedsore and a few other worries. On Friday last three nurses were over at our place at the same time - all specializing in different fields - and they all concur that St Vincent's was the place for her to be if she was to get any better sooner than later. And so it was at 10am this morning we took her there.

I am told by the Doctor that they will need to have her at St Vincent's for at least two weeks....and if they need to have her there for two weeks then I will also be at St Vincent for two weeks - take a few hours here and there for breaks and sleeps.      

In the first four hours of our stay there we have already had four specialists and a doctor look her over and discussed with us her past and present condition and what they intend to do with her in the next two weeks. And the doctor, amongst other things, discussed "resuscitation" with us! She apologised first but then told us that this was something we needed to discussed. It took only a  moment for me to comprehend what she meant. The doctor told us that my wife's physical condition is frail....if she had a heart attack attempts by them to resuscitate her might prove to be more harmful than helpful. What would I and my son want them to do? I stood still, heard and understood everything that she said but it still took a few moments to comprehend what she was asking me : If my wife's heart stopped beating...what would I want them to do? I took another moment to steady myself ...and then said..."Do what ever that has to be done to let us still have her". The doctor nodded and left it at that.

It was already 3pm and I wanted to go home for a short rest. I do not know how to tell you all my feelings having to leave her there by herself in the ward while my son Zack and I went home, just a few minutes away, to have lunch and a fresh up before we go again to St Vincent to keep her company until visiting time is over for the day at 8 pm. We have been these since 10am this morning and at 3pm we were in need of a short lunch break. Suffice to say that the frowns on my wife's forehead when we said our goodbye this early afternoon did not put me in any good frame of mind.

It is now 4.30 pm and I have been home for about an hour for lunch - nasi with meat in satay sauce and potato cooked in chicken gravy...I will have a quick shower and then head back to St Vincent to keep her company until 8pm when visiting time is over. I will write more tonight when I come home from St Vincent.

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