Wednesday 15 July 2015

Berita Daily : BN, not Malaysia, is in a crisis

Berita Daily
Today the biggest business in Malaysia is the government and the government by BN has become a massive system of patronage

Hussein Hamid
Our prime minister says that Malaysia is now in crisis. He and his ministers tell us that there is a conspiracy by many to unseat the Barisan Nasional government. Certain individuals, parties and even the Jews have been identified as being the culprits of this heinous intent.

What crisis? Have we not endured over three decades of the same Barisan Nasional government where the standard of living of its many leaders and cronies can only be maintained if they continue to rob our national coffers blind in order to sustain and maintain their decadent standard of living?

No, Malaysia is not in crisis. Barisan Nasional is in crisis! Najib Razak is in crisis.

If BN and Najib lose their present political power, many BN politicians and their cronies will no longer be able to maintain their present standard of living.

Najib and his cohorts in BN in general, and Umno in particular, have much to lose if the present status quo is not maintained. For they spend more on themselves than on anyone else, the rakyat included!

And what is still keeping the rakyat going? Family solidarity! Amongst all the various races in Malaysia, family solidarity still exists.

While they are still young, Malaysian parents will take care of their young. And when the young are able to, they will take care of their parents.

Of course family solidarity cannot eliminate the distress of economic hard times caused by the mismanagement of our economy and the rampant and chronic corruption by the BN government that has decimated our ringgit and the ability of our people to earn a decent wage, but family solidarity makes it bearable.

And to a certain extent, social unrest has been manageable because many of us can depend on family to help us through these hard times.

Today the biggest 'business' in Malaysia is the government. Government by BN has become a massive system of patronage.

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