Thursday 28 December 2017

cakap cakap...pagi Khamis.

In my ten years of blogging, there has been times when I became the story rather then the story teller, but never the story I have become these last few weeks. For those of you who read what I write, there is no need for me to tell again what you all already know :  that access to steadyaku47 in Malaysia has been blocked. Why it has been blocked will depend on whom you asked...I have only this to tell those who have done the blocking :

And as to how I feel about the whole thing...this is my answer to them : 

Yesterday this story in Free Malaysia Today, was brought to my attention 

44 Muslim groups demand probe on blogger for ‘slandering’ sultan
Really...44 Muslims group have asked for steadyaku47 to be probed? 44 Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) has asked that "stern action" be taken against the person behind "steadyaku47". 

I only have this to say to those 44 religious council...go kiss my stern! 

Seriously...all you idiots should focus on the state of our nation today. Do not worry too much about probing me because when all is said and done, all those 44 Muslim groups that have asked for me to be probed and PDRM that will be doing the probing....all of us will be standing "bogel" in front of our MAKER when we die and HE will decide what are our dues. While you are here on earth, worry about those two in Seri Perdana who have already made fools of you all, made the Islamic religion a tool of politics and their vested interest, and have done more harm to every one else who call Malaysia home then any one else have done in the short history of our Nation.

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