Saturday 23 December 2017

cakap cakap....LAWAN MESTI LAWAN.

Selamat Pagi my friends....last night was one of those nights that will live with me for a long long time from my many years of blogging. After getting a request from one of you to post my blog articles on FB...I did so...and I was just blown away by the response I got ...over 500 clicks and comments from so many of you on what I posted on FB last night...thank you...and they are still coming in this morning....and the following video is what I feel like doing this morning...enjoy...though I know that many of you are smiling thinking of how this old man can be dancing to MC Hammer...especially in my sarong and T Shirt! Life is good!

Ok lah my number of clicks on my blog has gone down to just below 20K a day....normally around 25K to 30K but I did not know I had so many friends on FB....LAWAN MESTI LAWAN!!!

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