Sunday 24 December 2017

FELDA : You do not put monkeys in charge of banana plantations.

He thinks he has got away with the lie about that Rm 2.6 billion donation a Saudi Prince put into his bank account.

He thinks we believe his story that the money were legal political donation and that he did not take the money for personal gain.

He thinks we fell for the lies he has told us about him not knowing about the other many  millions that somehow also found its way into his private bank account between 2011 to 2013.

He thinks that we believe Attorney General Apandi when Apandi cleared him of any corruption or criminal offences. 

He thinks we believe the story he told us about Joh Low, about his step son and his Hollywood investment, about his meeting on board the Tattoosh.

He thinks we do not know that all those money that he, his wife, his step sons and all those bastards that have been made insanely wealthy...that all that money had originated from 1MDB and from the Rakyat's own pockets!

He thinks we do not know how all that money was moved through a complex web of transactions that finally saw the money parked in his personal bank accounts to be used as he thinks fit.

He thinks that the probe into all these movement of money by Malaysia, the United States, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and others, cannot finger him, his wife, his family and many others, of being complicit in corruption, money laundering and financial fraud of the rakyat's money.

He thinks Pakatan Harapan, headed by Tun Mahathir, will not be able to win PRU 14 and do government. 

He thinks that his hold over the Rakyat, over Umno and BN is total - a hold held together by dedak, money politics, fraud, duplicity, intimidation and by the use of PDRM, MACC, the JUDICIARY and all other government machinery at his disposal.

He thinks he will still be prime minister of Malaysia after PRU 14.

Let him think what he wants!

You and I know better.

We know almost all there is to know about 1MDB. Today ....even now as we speak....Najib and his band of despicable, disgusting and greedy knaves....



  • 1.a dishonest or unscrupulous man.
.....Najib and his band of knaves are desperately trying to defend their rear, their flanks and the threats that is in front of them, as what they have done in the past for personal gain and greed, starts to confront them. 

1 MDB is almost a done deal. All the money that is to be made from 1MDB has been made and dished out....all that is left is to wait for the Fat Lady to stop singing. 

And while waiting for her to stop singing, there are many others who also wants to sing. The arrest and conviction of those who have been singing  - voluntarily, or otherwise persuaded by the long arm of the law - is in progress. Day by day it inches up closer to Najib, his wife and Family. It is not a matter of "IF" is a matter of "WHEN". Buying billion of dollars worth of Boeing Jets and helping to prop up the US economy will not help. Claiming Trump to be your friend will not help. Nothing will, for money laundering and financial fraud, any which way you look at it, is a crime.

Now who else will sing?

Look at what is happening to FELDA today. That convicted felon ISA, put there as its Chairman by Najib, is out. Why is he out? He got too greedy. 

For financial fraud to happen in FELDA, where billions of ringgits are involved, requires the following to happen.

1.   The prime minister must close one eye.
2.   The Chairman of FELDA must close the other eye.
3.   The Board of FELDA must close both eyes.
4.   All levels of FELDA management that can and did not act to protect FELDA's interest
      do not have to close their eyes.... they must have their eyes open to see where the
      dedak is coming from.

Now as you can see....there are a lot of people involve to allow Najib and his band of despicable thieves and robbers take those billions from FELDA....and all of them has got to be kautim.....

What happens when one of them is not happy with his or her share of the loot? Yes... in FELDA and elsewhere, there are also "HER" involve lah! 

What do you think will happen? 

And even if they have got the millions that was you think they are satisfied? 

Can greed ever be satisfied? When you have one Mercedes you want another. When you already have a house in Bangsar, you want a house in Perth to stay in when you go there for a holiday. 

Then what happens if you want to holiday in London? Not only a house in Perth and London...there must be servants to take care of the house when you are not there and even more servants to take care of you when you are there. Then you need a car in Perth and London. One for you and one for your wife. What about your children? 

And the list goes on and on......and Najib is beginning to realise that all the money that he has and can have if he keeps thieving from the national coffers, will not be enough to keep all those people satisfied. 

And all it takes is for one of these countless individuals involve in taking those billions from FELDA to sing! That has happened in 1MDB and that is what is happening in FELDA today. 

And what have they done in FELDA? Plenty....ISA SAMAD and his wife are very wealthy. If they can steal FELDA HQ land right from under FELDA ....and FELDA HQ land cannot be moved or hidden away in Banks or Off Shore accounts......just imagine what they can do to FELDA's cash that can be moved around when the political will is there to allow it to happen.

But all this shenanigans in FELDA  is starting to unravel and implode even as Najib and his wife gets more cash by the day. Even as another Chairman is appointed to FELDA to take over from that convicted but very rich felon call ISA. 

What do you think Sharir will do? He had to ask Najib for the one million ringgit that he said Najib gave him sometime back. Now in FELDA he no longer has to ask Najib for another million. There are still many millions left in FELDA for Sharir to take....what do you think he will do?

You guess is as good as mine......but do not put monkeys in charge of banana plantations. 


I rest my case.

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