Sunday 17 December 2017

IMANS : Whenever a multi-million govt fiasco occurs, one can be absolutely sure that behind it is a massive UMNO-planned fraud.

The $27 million privatised IMAMS Umrah Mecca Tour booking system approved by the Ministry of Tourism & Culture was unprecedentally withdrawn yesterday, within 24 hours of going live!
The real reason for this disastrous U-turn by the govt was the twitter protest by thousand of Malaysian Malays/Muslims incensed with the $90.10 charge comprising $85 admin and insurance charge + 6% GST.
Umrah tour operators joined in the fray as the usage of the IMAMS system was made mandatory for everyone.
In cancelling the mint-fresh IMAMS system, Minister for Tourism & Culture Nazri was quoted as saying the charges were not in line with with his earlier announcement in Parliament.…/nazri-umrah-visa-scheme…
Deputy Minister of Culture & Tourism Mas Ermieyati also insisted she was unaware that IMAMS had a non-Muslim CEO and employed other non-Muslim staff!
Well, here is what Nazi actually said in Parliament as evidenced by Hansard (see picture), which makes a BLOODY LIAR of this sub-standard and crooked Minister. 
This is the usual response of UMNO/BN Ministers when caught with their pants down - lie blatantly! Both the Minister his and Deputy should be the first persons to be booted out of office immediately.
Whenever a multi-million govt fiasco occurs, one can be absolutely sure that behind it is a massive UMNO-planned fraud.
Was there an open tender for implementing the IMAMS system which is basically a typical UMNO rent-seeking monopoly imposed upon the captive Mecca Umrah tour business? And why was the public not consulted BEFORE implementation?
Look behind the corporate veil, and you are bound to find an Ali Baba set-up fronting for some UMNO crony, Dato/Datin or Minister.
What is the Mecca Umrah Tour biz worth to IMAMS? About 50,000 pax x $45 = $2.25 million a year, excluding share of the insurance of $40 pax. And the numbers are rising every year.
Little wonder that Newsweek and ex-World Bank President Wolfowitz have openly accused Najib of being a crook, an insult to Malaysia that has not been rebutted by Najib or anyone else in Govt!
And there you have in a nutshell everything that is wrong in Malaysia today - epidemic-level corruption, racism, religious bigotry and Ministers, public and govt officials with not an ounce of honesty, integrity or honour among them!
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