Sunday 31 December 2017

If we keep quiet, we are part of the problem.

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It was a memorable 2017... with so many ups and downs. It was all good in the end... even though it started with a mysterious lady's shoe in my room then losing a major court case with the government, getting hauled up by police and MCMC for exercising my freedom of speech, daughters being upset with me till today for exercising freedom of speech.... yes many challenges. 
What I got from all this is knowing first hand how screwed up the police and judiciary actually are under the current administration and knowing how fragile and unforgiving our children can be. 
But I am my own person, I think I have the right to express myself in ways that is in harmony with what I know is right and wrong. In the pursuit of that, carp happens and we have to deal with it the best way we can. 
It is never about me, it's not about popularity as my kids think. There is no thrill in being locked up for the sake of popularity. We live in a community that needs to be protected from unprincipled politicians, we cannot keep quite. If we keep quiet, we are part of the problem. 
The country has lost its democracy, it has lost a decent police force, we have lost a credible judiciary, we have lost a fair Election Commission, our constitution remains an insignificant piece of paper, our country has been overtaken by greedy politicians and cronies who have bought all these agency with "cash is king" attitude. 
Our country's assets are being sold as of it's the crime minister's personal property. What are the silent observers waiting for? Are we waiting for our children and grandchildren to become maids and construction workers in neighbouring countries? Look at the new tallest building coming up ...TRX it has something i can't read written up high as if announcing China 🇨🇳 is taking over. There are Chinese boundaries within Malaysian where Malaysians are not allowed in. Is this the NEP they talk about? Is this the 'Malay pride' UMNO frequently uses to justify their screwed up policies?
UMNO/BN and their cronies is a physical and psychological enemy to us decent citizens. Their greed has no bounds, their plan is to enslave us forever with the burden of paying for their extravagant lifestyles for generations to come. Wake up people, wake up.
So enough is enough, these people are willing to kill to stay in power and hide their misdeeds. So I repeat.... if you remain quiet, you are party to what they do...rob, kill and lie. 
2018 is an election year, the least we could do is to vote these bastards out and then it will be a happy new year. It all up to you. God bless Malaysia 🇲🇾.

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