Sunday 17 December 2017

Quickies : Cyber Troopers being trained overseas????

KOTA KINABALU: Opposition cybertroopers are getting foreign training and their slick propaganda against Barisan Nasional has gained traction with some voters, said…

Woi Jawa, merangkap DPM, merangkap pemukul canang pertama for Umno...yang saya tau opposition tak ada budget nak hantar Cyber troopers overseas. At the most they may give a taklimat to some bloggers at the Wave Hotel in Shah Alam (because Azmin can give some discount ma!) and the taklimat will be in the afternoon after lunch and before tea (can save some more because no lunch and no tea...just provide mineral water !) Hell I don't even know if they have budget to hire any Cyber Troopers!!!! And why would they go hire any Cyber Troopers when so many bloggers are already working to support them for free! 

Zahid cuba pakai otak engkau sikit....just because Umno do sent their Cyber Troopers for holiday...opps overseas does not mean the opposition will also follow suit. 

If there is any slick propaganda coming out from the opposition camp it is because you guys in Umno and BN give them the bahan bahan for the slick propaganda.. 

Let us look at this  video...which is one of the opposition "propaganda" coup!

If fatty fatty boom boom did not carry all those bags of cash...oppps sorry...did not bring so many bags on board for her trip...what can the opposition "cyber troopers" do? Cannot make up story about fatty going to turkey with those bags because nobody in Malaysia will believe them! But when you have video evidence....them die lah. And please do not say that this is not "slick propaganda"....with fatty in the video how to make it slicker? 

Just my two cents worth lah!

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