Friday 29 December 2017

No more race-based parties, quotas, political appointments.....

Whether it is Mahathir or Anwar to lead a new government in Putrajaya after GE14, there is a FOURTH (or perhaps, the only) condition which most Malaysians should be interested to know.
The amalgamation of all component political parties within Pakatan Harapan in Peninsular Malaysia (plus the stakeholders in Sabah and Sarawak) to form a truly united government for GE15.
No more race-based parties, quotas, political appointments, etc .. PUHLEEEZ!!! 
Leadership by example on noble principles, merit and good governance has been missing from the political landscape for far too long in this nation. 
Resurrect the soul of 'Bangsa Malaysia'.
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Excerpt: According to a party insider who attended the party’s political bureau meeting on December 19, the first condition is that de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is immediately released from jail and installed as the prime minister within a year of the opposition coming into power.
“The second condition is that PKR be allocated the most federal seats to contest in GE14. PKR wants around 60 seats in Peninsular Malaysia.
“The third condition is for Dr Mahathir to agree to reform key institutions in the country."

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